Danielles 1st Round Hole-By-Hole


Editor's Note: This hole-by-hole account of Danielle Amiee was provided by Chris Nosil.
1 - Par 4 (373) - Great tee shot under the pressure right down the middle. Second shot was way short; chip was way short, two-putt for bogey.
Fairways 1/1 Greens 0/1 Total Putts 2
2. Par 3 (185) ' Her ball went right and landed in greenside bunkers. Bunkers are now pot bunker style with high lips. Second shot landed on top of the lip in the rough. Chipped on and two-putted for double bogey.
Fairways 1/1 Greens 0/2 Total Putts 4
3. Par 5 (485) - Another fairway hit into the wind. Ball went 230 with no roll (it actually backed up). She layed up then hit the green and two-putted for a nice par.
Fairways 2/2 Greens 1/3 Total Putts 6
4. Par 4 (385)- She hit the narrow fairway. Second pushed right into the rough (all players were right to avoid the gulley on the left side). Flopped the ball onto the green and 1-putted for a par.
Fairways 3/3 Greens 1/4 Total Putts 7
5. Par 3 (148) - About 20 yard short of the green. Chipped short and 3 putted for double bogey.
Fairways 3/3 Greens 1/5 Total Putts 10
6. Par 4 (369) - Another fairway hit. Second shot a little long, she chipped on and two-putted again.
Fairways 4/4 Greens 1/6 Total Putts 12
7. Par 5 (495) - 280 yard tee shot with the wind. Pin high but misses right. She chipped on and two-putted for par.
Fairways 5/5 Greens 2/7 Total Putts 14
8. Par 4 (401) - Narrow landing area with water left and big hill right. Danielle hits another 280 yard drive into the fairway. She hit the front of the green and two-putted to a back pin.
Fairways 6/6 Greens 3/8 Total Putts 16
9. Par 4 (400) - Another fairway, another shot short of the green. Chips on and two-putted.
Fairways 7/7 Greens 3/9 Total Putts 18
10. Par 4 (405) - First missed fairway of the day. Ball snap hooked left into the rough/straw. Rescue wood to just in front of the green. Nice chip and one-putt to save par.
Fairways 7/8 Greens 3/10 Total Putts 19
11 Par 4 (336) - Nice shot down the middle, hits the green about 18 feet from the pin and two-putted for a nice par.
Fairways 8/9 Greens 4/11 Total Putts 21
12. Par 4 (396) Wide open fairway that Danielle misses left. Behind clump of trees. She lobs the ball back into the fairway, lucky to hit cart path and get back into fairway. Simple chip back question the high lob. Hits the green, and two-putts for bogey.
Fairways 8/10 Greens 4/12 Total Putts 23
13. Par 3 (143) - Beautiful tee shot to about 12 feet. Drains the birdie putt.
Fairways 8/10 Greens 5/13 Total Putts 24
14. Par 4 (362) - Pushes tee shot to the right. Sends approach shot into greenside bunker. She finished the hole with a nice up and down with a longish putt to save par.
Fairways 8/11 Greens 5/14 Total Putts 25
15 Par 5 (473) - Tee shot into fairway bunker (same one she hit in the pro-am on Monday). Hits a nice shot out of the bunker. Misses the green short, but a nice shot from that distance. Chips on past the hole. Just misses the par putt.
Fairways 8/12 Greens 5/15 Total Putts 27
16. Par 4 (405) Driver back on track and lands one in the middle of the fairway. Nice shot into the green to about 10 feet. Putt just slides by. Nice par on this hole.
Fairways 9/13 Greens 6/16 Total Putts 29
17 Par 3 (163)- River on the right and hill on the left. Hits the green and leaves about an 8 footer for birdie. Just missed on the left and finishes the par.
Fairways 9/13 Greens 7/17 Total Putts 31
18 - Par 4 (382) - Tee shot in the fairway, hits the back of the green with pin in the front. Nice 2 putt to save par.
Fairways 10/14 Greens 8/18 Total Putts 33
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