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bobbyv04 -Mr. Reinmuth, I'm an assistant golf professional at Lake Arrowhead GC in Wisconsin and need to break a bad habit: By trying to keep my hands ahead at impact, I've gotten into the habit of hanging on and leaving the face open. What is the best way to fix this? Thank you.
Reinmuth - first, start with a 7iron with a good lye and start hitting very soft half speed draws.
Reinmuth - gradually increase the speed until you get up to normal playing speed then use the same process into your longer clubs.

airforce -I always come out of my crouch to quickly when using my irons, and end up topping the ball. Would you have a drill to prevent this?
Reinmuth - i don't think that its so much that you're coming out of your crouch you may be more afraid of hitting it heavy, start trying to take your practice swing divots more to the left side of where the ball would be
Reinmuth - and gradually work towards creating the same weight shift when your striking the ball.
Whatsup -What part of the ball do you focus on. Is it the front of the ball or the top.
Reinmuth - neither. When I look in the direction of the ball i see the ball in the whole area around it more generally than specifically otherwise you become too ball focused instead of swing focused.
PeterD -Dean - You used a video comparison to show the changes in Grant's swing. How important is video in your making these types of adjustments?
Reinmuth - video can be very important when comparing one movement to another
Reinmuth - so that you can see that what you are doing isn't necessarily what you feel, but it can be over used and over analyzing each technical piece of the swing so be careful.

dez -What other tour players have your worked with? Who are you working with now?
Reinmuth - I've worked with Phil Mickelson, Scott Verplank, Dave Stockon Jr. and sr. currently working with Grant Waite, Rory Sabbatini and Kevin Wentworth.
Starball -what's the most important part of the game for a 14-16 handicapper to work on?
Reinmuth - wedges and putting. Spend 60 percent of your time in those areas.
GaryZ -I constantly hit about an inch or two behind the ball. Is there something I can work on for this?
Reinmuth - 2 things... one you can swing when you see your shadow, put the sun directly behind you and give yourself a reference, the left side of your head if you're a right-handed player.
Reinmuth - as you swing back you'll see a space between that point and the side of your head, as you swing back down the head should move back to your reference point at impact
Reinmuth - and the second is take a spot in front of your ball the same distance as the beginning of your divot when your hitting it back
Reinmuth - try to make contact with the ground at that point that will help your transfer of weight.
Stainless -How can I gain a more descending swing with my irons??
Reinmuth - think of your swing more u-shaped than circular. make sure that your practice swings are always taking a divot before you use that swing over the ball
DeanFan -Just for future reference when watching your shows and for comparison purposes for swing plane, exactly how tall are you? You dwarfed Grant and he's supposed to be about 6-3.
Reinmuth - I'm 6 4
Reinmuth - grants probably 6 2
Reinmuth - but my head is much larger.
Yvon -Thanks. Mr. Reinmuth what are the effects of getting set-up with the weight on the heels.
Reinmuth - if your weight too far to your heels, your feet and knees can't move properly and you will be more hip and torso oriented.
Nay -how long should I keep my driver on line in the takeaway
Reinmuth - about 8- 10 inches before it starts going gradually to the inside and up the swing plane.
Kenohawk -how can I know if my swing is on plane?
Reinmuth - best way would be to watch yourself on video because its difficult to see it, and feel it until you've established an internal sense of your swing going from the ball to the right shoulder back to impact to the left shoulder.
bozo99 -should one adopt a long or short position for the left thumb with the grip?
Reinmuth - i prefer to use one that is more in between being long vs being short. i would just close the fingers up of the left hand along with the thumb without a club and that would be about the same as when you're holding it with your left hand
Flowers -Dean, my wife is trying to get me to teach her how to play golf so we can be closer (groan). I play golf to get away from my wife. what is the best way out of this?
Reinmuth - it would be better for her to take lessons from a professional who can be more objective.
Ping -Hello Dean. I have a problem with blocking my wood to the right. I have a one degree inside to out swing. Should I aim more to the right?

Reinmuth - no. If you're blocking it and you're only coming from the inside one degree it means your not properly getting the club to release. You should work more on a sense of the toe of the clubface turning gradually
Reinmuth - through the whole forward swing.
BlainI always hit my irons toooooo high...Is there something I can do to get a more boring trajectory?
Reinmuth - 3 things first check the ball position. Make sure its not too far forward. second, set up with your hands between your belt buckle and left hip bone and third , you should practice somewhere where there are tree branches where you can hit the ball underneath those branches
Reinmuth - and that will help lower your ball flight.
Stenson -When you start the downswing should you feel like your falling slightly towards the target
Reinmuth - no. You want a gradual weight shift from right to left generated more by your feet and knee movement than from your upper body.
GOLFTILL -Dean, Great show this evening chip shot question here. when taking a pratice swing things go well.. But when i take the real swing I choke & hit the ball short. any advise on how to quit choking the swing? (Controlling the relaxed swing/chip)
Reinmuth - first start with the same chip shot but off a much more preferred lye as if it were teed up. Contact isn't as difficult. Then try to make your chipping stroke on a very even pace to your finished position as opposed to the ball.
duke64 -dean, when I swing easy good things tend to happen.....when I swing hard I fall apart. Why can't I just thwart the tendency to kill the ball when I am on the course?
Reinmuth - typically, those moments that make you try to hit it harder probably occur because of the change in the golf course environment i.e. into the wind, uphill, and what you have to get trained is to make your practice swing at the same speed that you're going to use over the ball
Reinmuth - without changing it. This just takes a lot of patience and practice.
Seven - Dean, My divots are a little deep and pointing to the left of the target. What can I learn from my divots?
Reinmuth - your swing is coming either over the top outside in or it has gotten too vertical. you should try to make your swing more from one shoulder to the other.
Reinmuth - and i would suggest comparing your practice swing plane to your ball swing plane.
Reinmuth - see if they are the same
mizuno - On short irons my right hand overcomes my left. Any ideas on how to overcome this breakdown?
Reinmuth - the reason that's occurring is because you're too concerned with the contact point so practice off much softer lies where the ball is sitting up and once that starts to allow your swing to function through impact better gradually
Reinmuth - start lowering the ball to a tighter lye.
Peewee - I am very impressed with your teaching technique. Do you give lessons to amateurs?
Reinmuth - yes, I give lesson to amateurs on a regular basis set up through my office.
TGC_com - FYI - You can visit Dean's website at or email him at or call him at 858-756-2240 and talk to Shirley.
Dormie1 -How do you generate clubhead speed while trying to limit clubhead rotation?
Reinmuth - clubhead speed is a combination of transferring your weight swinging your arms and gradual clubhead rotation. sounds to me as if your focusing more on one part instead of as a whole
big E -I am in the 5th grade I am doing a science fair project about golfballs I need to know which ball will go the longest.
Reinmuth - I believe there are some websites that can give you statistical data you might try, and the will probably have the best data.
Navygolf -Dean, I am a 8 handicap. I tend to hit my poor shots right. why??
Reinmuth - one of two things, either your lower body is overactive or your kind of hanging onto the club through impact preventing the natural clubface rotation, try relaxing the pressure in your forearms and wrist and that may help.
htown- Dean I am so hung up on my takeaway I am losing focus on my impact position? What is a good balance?
Reinmuth - the longest you could focus on your takeaway on normal swing speed would be about the first 8 inches to 2 feet. but always, you must have some sense of what you want to do with the forward swing its like a left right combination in boxing, you need both the left and the right.
Reinmuth - as a Scottish caddie once said, 'you don't hit the ball with the backswing, you hit the ball with the forward swing.'
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MichaelJ - I'm a left-handed golfer. How do I keep from hanging back on my left side on the thru swing? Thanks in advance.
Reinmuth - that sort of depends on what your particular movement is... but what you can do is to start at the top of your backswing and only work on striking the ball with your forward swing, the sequence should be transferring your weight from your left foot to your right to begin the downswing
Reinmuth - then your arms come down and the clubface gradually rotates.
Reinmuth - do this at a very slow speed until your downswing feels almost like one continual movement.
JeffS - I have trouble with skying my driver. I just can't seem to get the club inside and level
Reinmuth - it may not be so much that it needs to be more inside take your practice swings above the ground so the driver never touches the grass.
Reinmuth - then over the ball, start by trying to hit the ball and leave the tee in the ground. if this still doesn't work, then tee them up and physically try to top the ball this will raise the bottom of your arc.
golf_ace - do you feel quality & not quantity of practice time is important?
Reinmuth - absolutely, quantity without proper direction or quality focus makes you worse.
Nay - I having trouble hitting fairway woods should i hit the with a little descending swing
Reinmuth - I'm not sure if your topping them from your question or hitting them extremely thin, but if so, you should focus on first taking your practice swing where you can feel the bottom of the fairway wood slide along the grass and then go into your finish.
Reinmuth - when you're over the ball focus on recreating the sliding feeling of the clubhead instead of trying to contact the ball.
TGC_com - Time for two more questions then we need to let Dean go!
Whatsup - As a new player to the game how many wedges should I have?
Reinmuth - two sand wedge and pitching wedge until you become a little more proficient and then you can move into a third wedge.
2056 - in your opinion where does power really get generated in the swing.
Reinmuth - proper fluid sequence of three movements 1. weight shift 2. arm swing 3. clubhead rotation.
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Reinmuth - bye, enjoyed speaking with you, look forward to talking to you next time, stay tension free.
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