The Golf Channel Repositioned on DIRECTV


DIRECTVThis message is for DIRECTV customers that subscribe to the TOTAL CHOICE and SPORTS Pack levels of service.
On March 1, 2005, DIRECTV broadened The Golf Channels availability by repositioning The Golf Channel from the SPORTS Pack level of service to the more popular TOTAL CHOICE PLUS level of service. DIRECTV notified TOTAL CHOICE and SPORTS Pack subscribers of the change in their January bills.
To continue to receive The Golf Channel, please contact DIRECTV at and change your level of service to TOTAL CHOICE PLUS.
TOTAL CHOICE PLUS includes The Golf Channel plus 20 additional channels and is $4/month more than TOTAL CHOICE. The cost of TOTAL CHOICE PLUS is less than the combined cost of TOTAL CHOICE and the SPORTS Pack.
We appreciate your support and hope you will continue to enjoy The Golf Channel.