Golf Channel suspending Drive Chip Putt program


Dear friends,
Ten years ago, Golf Channel kicked-off its first junior golf initiative with the Drive, Chip & Putt program to help grow the game of golf. Our original mission to provide kids with a fun and free way to learn and play the game has proved successful, and we feel the program has accomplished its objective. Therefore, Golf Channel is suspending the Mutual of Omaha Drive, Chip & Putt program as we look for new ways to promote the game to juniors.
We would like to thank Mutual of Omaha, Comcast, Dicks Sporting Goods, Rixtine Recognition, and Service by Air for their support of the program; the hundreds of golf courses and facilities across North America that hosted Drive, Chip & Putt events and, most importantly, all of the participants and their families for making the program a success over the past 10 years. We hope to have announcements in the future regarding our junior golf initiatives.