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Courses Benefit People and WildlifeAlthough many Americans enjoy working in their yards and maintaining an attractive landscape, they may not realize the tangible benefits of their efforts. These same benefits are available on the golf course where the combination of mowed turf, trees and natural areas provides a diverse environment for people and wildlife. More Info

Sustainability on the Course
Are you a Course Manager? The USGA funds research on new strains of turfgrasses, promotes environmental stewardship and provides a variety of services to golf course superintendents.

  • A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned: How an energy audit may save you big bucks in the years to come. More Info
  • A Step-By-Step Guide For Using Recycled Water: An outline of the costs and maintenance practices necessary to manage this valuable resource. More Info
  • New insecticides provide excellent control while reducing environmental concerns. More Info
  • Best Management Practices to Reduce Pesticide Runoff from Turf: A common-sense approach can greatly reduce the risk of water contamination. More Info
  • Naturalized Areas: Beauty and the Beast. More Info
  • Show Me the Money: Adding up the environmental factors to reach the bottom line. More Info
  • Sharing the Success of Good Stewardship: A successful effort to create environmental education opportunities right in a school's backyard.
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  • Sharing Your Course With Raptors: Eagles, hawks, owls, and Other birds of prey can be a vital part of wildlife on a golf course. More Info

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USGA Jack Nicklaus
Conversations with the Golden Bear Mike Davis, Executive Director USGA, talks with Jack Nicklaus about golf and the environment.
USGA Green
USGA Green Section
Developed in 1920, the USGA Green Section supports turf grass research and offers agronomic consultations on the scientific and practical aspects of golf course turf management.

U.S. Open Pebble Beach Hyler on Golf and the Environment
Jim Hyler, president of the USGA, discusses the relationship between golf and the environment, and the firm and fast course setup at Pebble Beach (Calif.) Golf Links.
USGA Ballmarks Repairing Ballmarks
Why repairing ballmarks is more than just an etiquette issue.

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