Greens Music Powers Golf Channel Coverage


Feels Like It Should Pat Greens new single can be heard driving the opening beat of GOLF CHANNELs PGA TOUR telecast teeing off the Mercedes-Benz Championship. The 34-year-old Texan spent many years playing to young college audiences in 'college towns' across America, he has recently joined popular country music artists like Keith Urban, Gretchen Wilson, Kenny Chesney, and others on major headliner tours. His brand of Texas Country has been highlighted on the GOLF CHANNELs Nationwide Tour telecast in the past.

Pat Green
In 2007 Pat Greens unique sound can be heard at the opening of PGA TOUR telecasts on the Golf Channel.
Cannonball, Greens explosive new album, captures his joyous, provocative songwriting style with new sharpness and swagger. Working for the first time with a powerhouse Nashville label, Green and his supporters expect Cannonball to transform him from massive cult star to emerging country superstar. I feel like this album is a home run, Green says with characteristic aw-shucks honesty. I wanted to take our brand of independent music and give it a fresh shot at making a bigger impact. Thats exactly what I think weve accomplished when I hear these songs. Feels Like It Should, the first single from Cannonball, encapsulates the spirit of the new album. Its all about knowing youre on top of the world and soaking up that feeling, he says. I wrote that with my drummer Justin Pollard and Brett James, we really wanted to create the perfect summer song.

By now, his independence is established; no ones going to try and tell Green to change his distinctive musical vision or songwriting style, not after earning Grammy nominations and earning a Top 3 hit with Wave on Wave. We never fit in with the cookie-cutter stuff, and for a while that was what dominated the airwaves, he says. Now it seems that radio is more excited than ever about breaking new acts and bringing new blood into the fold. I think they want material that fits the format but doesnt sound like everything else. And thats right where were at.

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