Highlights from Tigers opening round at Lake Nona


Tavistock CupORLANDO, Fla. ' Round 1 of the Tavistock Cup begins Monday at Lake Nona. Tiger Woods and John Cook, representing Isleworth, take on the home team of Henrik Stenson and Chris DiMarco.
The format is a four-ball medal match play format. Within the four-ball, the two-person team with the lowest 18-hole better-ball total will win the match. A win is worth 2 points, a tie is worth 1 point and a loss is worth 0 points.
Here is a hole-by-hole look at Tiger's match:

1 - Par 4, 418 yards: Watch the first hole
Tiger, with partner John Cook safely in the fairway, hits a driver just into the right rough. His second shot comes up 25 feet short of the flag, on the lower level. Of the foursome, Cooks approach shot finished the closest, some 18 feet from the hole. Tigers putt comes up a foot short. He makes par, as does everyone else.
Woods/Cook (I): Even
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): Even

2 - Par 5, 563 yards: Watch the second hole
Tiger splits the fairway with his drive and has 272 to the hole. He rips a 3-wood that lands on the green and bounds through the back. He chips in from there for an eagle-3. Stenson makes a 5-footer for birdie to go down one.
Woods/Cook (I): 2 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 1 under

3 - Par 4, 451 yards: Watch the third hole
Another perfect tee shot from Woods. With only 130 yards to the hole, he spins a short-iron inside of 10 feet. He then curls in the birdie effort to go 2 upon his opponents.
Woods/Cook (I): 3 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 1 under

4 - Par 3, 196 yards: Watch the fourth hole
Tiger hits a solid tee shot, which lands about 12 feet left of the hole. The birdie putt slides by the left side of the hole ' much like his putts where last week at Doral. Pars on both sides.
Woods/Cook (I): 3 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 1 under

5 - Par 4, 359 yards: Watch the fifth hole
Cook hits first and finds the fairway. Tiger then takes driver and hits a huge cut shot into the large bunker guarding the front left of the green. Cook misses his 20-footer for birdie, leaving Tiger a 6-footer for birdie to tie the hole. Another miss on the edge, this time on the right side.
Woods/Cook (I): 3 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 2 under

6 - Par 3, 209 yards: Watch the sixth hole
With DiMarco inside 10 feet, Woods flares his tee shot about 25 feet left of the hole and then runs his birdie effort 5 feet past. DiMarco makes his 7-footer to tie the match.
Woods/Cook (I): 3 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 3 under

7 - Par 4, 434 yards: Watch the seventh hole
With a split fairway, Tiger takes his ball down the right side, giving him a shorter approach into the hole. His approach shot finishes 18 feet right of the hole. He pushes another putt and watches as Cook does the same. Meanwhile, DiMarco hits a beautiful right-to-left curler for birdie to give his team their first lead.
Woods/Cook (I): 3 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 4 under

8 - Par 4, 431 yards: Watch the eighth hole
Tiger kills a driver right down the center of the fairway. With 132 yards to the hole, he yanks his approach shot 30 feet left of the flag. Cook, however, picks one up for the team, making birdie to tie the match.
Woods/Cook (I): 4 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 4 under

9 - Par 5, 534 yards: Watch the ninth hole
Tiger smokes another tee shot, which finishes just in the first cut of the right rough. His second shot, with a fairway wood, lands on the green and runs though to the back, much like on the second hole. This time he misses the chip-in, but taps in for birdie. Stenson and DiMarco make birdie as well.
Woods/Cook (I): 5 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 5 under

10 - Par 4, 441 yards: Watch the 10th hole
Tiger hits his drive up the right side of the fairway. His approach From 138 yards lands two feet past the hole and spins back six feet below the hole. Stenson makes a 12-footer for birdie, and Tiger also converts his birdie.
Woods/Cook (I): 6 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 6 under

11 - Par 5, 582 yards: Watch the 11th hole
Tiger finds the fairway again. His 5-wood approach lands 20 yards short right and trickles into the rough. His chip lands softly on the front right of the green and rolls to within six feet short of the hole. He drains the birdie putt. Stenson also makes birdie.
Woods/Cook (I): 7 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 7 under

12 - Par 4, 418 yards: Watch the 12th hole
Tiger hits his drive in the left rough but draws a good lie. His approach from 141 yards crashes into the bottom portion of the flagstick and ricochets straight backward to the front fringe. Tiger putts to a couple feet and the hole is halved.
Woods/Cook (I): 7 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 7 under

13 - Par 3, 157 yards: Watch the 13th hole
Tiger's ball lands just past the back pin placement and bounces into the rough behind the green. His straight-forward 30-foot chip scoots about four feet past the hole, leaving an uphill putt. Stenson chips in for birdie. Cook converts his four-foot par putt, Tiger picks up his mark and Team Nona has regained the lead.
Woods/Cook (I): 7 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 8 under

14 - Par 4, 345 yards: Watch the 14th hole
All four players attempt to drive the green at this dogleg right par-4. Tiger's tee shot ends up about 20 yards from the hole in the right semi-cut within the narrow opening to the green. He chips to four feet. Stenson is the only player to drive the green and narrowly misses his 30-foot eagle putt. Tiger converts his birdie but Stenson misses his three-footer coming back.
Woods/Cook (I): 8 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 8 under

15 - Par 5, 578 yards: Watch the 15th hole
Tiger's 325-yard tee shot into the wind is, 'One of the best I've ever seen,' according to teammate John Cook. Tiger's second shot misses short right. He chips to nine feet but misses right. Cook converts his four-foot birdie putt, and Stenson and DiMarco fail to make birdie.
Woods/Cook (I): 9 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 8 under

16 - Par 4, 461 yards: Watch the 16th hole
Tiger misses the fairway right. His approach from 158 yards misses pin-high right. He takes dead aim on his 30-foot chip from the fringe, but burns the right edge. His five-footer coming back is holed for a par.
Woods/Cook (I): 9 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 8 under

17 - Par 3, 198 yards: Watch the 17th hole
Tiger's tee shot lands in the back portion of the green and rolls to the back fringe. His bump-and-run from 35 feet trickles five feet past the hole. After Cook misses his par putt, Tiger has to make par to halve the hole, which he does.
Woods/Cook (I): 9 under
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 8 under

18 - Par 4, 440 yards: Watch the 18th hole
Tiger hits it the farthest of the group, but misses the fairway right. His 126-yard approach ends up pin-high right, barely on the fringe. His 20-footer misses left and when Cook taps in for par, Tiger picks up. DiMarco's 18-foot putt to win the hole and square the match misses right.
Woods/Cook (I): 9-under 63
Stenson/DiMarco (LN): 8-under 64

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