Johnsons Masters Menu Not Finalized - COPIED


Zach Johnson
March 6, 2008: The Masters Tournament is on the horizon and Zach Johnson is still trying to figure out what to feed his fellow champions.
'We're trying to piece some things together and see how that works out,' Johnson said Tuesday in a Masters Tournament conference call. 'I have a feeling it's going to be some Midwest food with some Florida flair.'
While the surf-and-turf is still up for debate, Johnson knows this for sure: he can't wait to take part in his first Champions Dinner.
'I've heard it's just a pretty casual evening. They just kind of stand around, chat a little bit and more or less, I hear a lot of the veteran past champions, if you will, just kind of tell stories,' said Johnson, who claimed his first major title last year at Augusta National. 'If that's the case, I know I'm just going to be a fly on the wall, kind of a sponge, just soak it all in and listen. I think I'll probably have to say a piece, and that's a little nerve-wracking hope I don't screw it up, considering the fraternity I'm in and the gentlemen that will be accompanying me. I'm excited. That's a lifetime dream right there and knowing that I'll be able to go back to that meal till, well, whenever, is pretty special.'
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