K-MAX - Episode 2 Blog



The first thing that I want to say is that the Golf Channel crew did an awesome job with the production of the show. My co-workers really enjoyed the preview show and the first episode.


Well, stepping up to the first challenge, I already knew where I wasn't going. That was the bunker. My nerves were calm and cool, just the way I like it. Through experience, I have trained myself to keep it like that. My first choice was going to be the approach pitch in the fairway and the second was the mid-range flop, but looking at the names on the post, I figured the flop was the toughest to beat.


Getting up to the shot, I told myself to keep the club face open and keep my chest moving through the ball. When I hit it, from my angle, I thought it was an ok shot. Being put in a situation with no rhythm to a round, the shot was a little bit more touchy than it would be in a regular round. JR and Gipper said they thought I was the closest, but when JR was the one, I was like, “damn it!” I couldn't believe that the approach shot was the farthest from the hole. Pretty sad!


So, I guess off to the next challenge. I chose 197 yards, because I would have control of my fate and destroy others, and I like that. When I stepped up to the shot, just like my pitch, I told myself to keep my chest moving. Under the circumstances, the bigger muscles tend to slow down when under pressure of the moment. And boom! Not today Holmes! Not going home today! Damn right!