Kevan Maxwell - Episode 2 Blog


- Kevan Maxwell

Wow! It was an early morning! Breakfast was good, but one less person was there. It was different. But you know what, it’s how it is. When we entered the bus, we were like, “wow, what an upgrade in transportation!” Ha! Then, when we saw Disney Wide World of Sports, I was still clueless, because I have never been to Disney.


As we walked towards the stadium, I was still wondering what the heck we were doing here and the relevance of it to golf. When they opened the gates, I was like a little kid again. Then I started to connect the dots. We were playing a home run derby. I was just hoping to hit one, but I ended up with four. I'm not the longest driver of the golf ball in the group, so I knew I would have to look forward to the next challenge. It was awesome to watch the others pound it out of the park. Tony had 22. I didn't think anyone would catch him. But when Vince got up to 16 or so, I was thinking he can catch him, but he didn’t. Congrats to Tony. Damn it. I need that 5G's (ha)!


Going into the next challenge, we are getting to hit the bunker shot that Lucas Glover holed to win his first PGA TOUR Event. We all drew names, and I got selected by Gipper. I was like, “Sweet! Let's go!” I'm not intimidated by anyone! My short game is my 1B as my strength in my game with my mental game. When Gipper got up to hit, I was thinking, ok, I'm going to put it close anyways, so it doesn't matter where he goes. When he chunked his shot into the fringe, I was shocked. So when I bent down to get my clubs, I pumped my fists to get myself geared up. I got in, and I told myself just to keep my chest moving, and I’ll be good. Boom! Two feet! Tap in! And when Gipper missed his putt I knew it was over! On the next show!


Now what wasn't shown was the guys asking me about the fist pump. I told them it wasn't out of disrespect for Gipper’s poor shot. I never wish bad things on anyone. I expect everyone to succeed, so that I don't get surprised and get caught off guard. Everyone was cool. They didn't think I was like that. They just wanted to make sure.