Kips 2nd Round Shot-By-Shot


Editor's Note: Kip started his second round on the back nine.
Hole 10 Par-4 (392 yards) - Finds the fairway off his opening drive but then flies his iron shot into a greenside bunker. Recovers with a great shot to 3 feet and makes the putt for par and a solid sand save.
Hole 11 Par-3 (164 yards) - Hits the green with his tee shot then proceeds to roll home a 25-footer for birdie to move to 1 under.
Hole 12 Par-5 (608 yards) - Hitting into a stiff breeze, finds the fairway with his drive. Lays up with his second shot and hits his approach to 30 feet. Lags up to a foot and taps in for par.
Hole 13 Par-4 (456 yards) - Pulls tee shot left into bunker and approach out of the sand is well short of the green. Chip shot also short and misses 13-foot par putt.
Hole 14 Par-4 (440 yards) - Like on Thursday, flirts with the trees down the right side. From downhill lie, hits beautiful approach to within 15 feet. Misses birdie putt however and taps in for par.
Hole 15 Par-4 (340 yards) - Goes for the green on short par 4 and carries the water but lands in a bunker. Blasts out to 14 feet and just misses his birdie effort.
Hole 16 Par-4 (464 yards) - Hits drive down the middle of the fairway. Leaves approach 40 feet short of the pin. Blows long putt 10 feet by the hole. Makes comebacker to save par.
Hole 17 Par-3 (229 yards) - Hits tee shot pin high, left of the flag. Lags to within a foot and taps in for par.
Hole 18 Par-5 (537 yards) - Flirts with water down the right side off the tee. Lays up with approach then hits third onto the fringe, well below the hole. Runs birdie attempt 11 feet past the cup but makes comebacker for par.
Hole 1 Par-4 (387 yards) - Finds fairway off the tee. Leaves iron shot short of the green. Chip shot blows by the hole and misses the par saving putt.
Hole 2 Par-5 (548 yards) - Hits one down the middle but pulls second shot way left and short of the green. Hits great recovery shot to within 3 feet of the cup and knocks in birdie putt.
Hole 3 Par-3 (196 yards) - Hits green with tee shot but long and left. Lag putt from 45 feet stops 3 feet from hole. Rolls in par putt.
Hole 4 Par-5 (561 yards) - Pipes drive down middle of the fairway. Smashes 3-wood over trees and onto green setting up an eagle putt. Rolls home 23-foot putt for eagle-3.
Hole 5 Par-4 (368 yards) - Hits another fairway and lands his approach 20 feet from flagstick. Downhill 20-footer stops just inches from the hole. Taps in for par.
Hole 6 Par-4 (379 yards) - Misses fairway to the left. From down in a revene, hits great recovery shot that spins back to 14 feet. Birdie effort comes up shy and taps in for par.
Hole 7 Par-4 (426 yards) - Perfect down the fairway off the tee. Beautiful approach sails just over top of flag and stops within 6 feet. Putt burns left edge and settles for another par.
Hole 8 Par-4 (470 yards) - Finds the fairway off the tee box. Iron shot lands just in front of the green and then chips to 4 feet. Knocks in par putt.
Hole 9 Par-3 (201 yards) - Knocks tee shot stiff. Has 3 feet for birdie but ball hangs on the lip. Taps in for par to close out his round.
Day 2 totals: 9 of 14 fairways; 12 of 18 G.I.R.; 29 putts. Score 2-under-par 70.
Two-day totals: 17 of 28 fairways; 23 of 36 G.I.R.; 56 putts. Final score: 2-under-par 142.
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