Makeover Challenge - Jacques Wadiches Lesson Summary


Jacques Wadiche
Jerry Olsen
PGA Professional- Golf Galaxy
Beaverton, Oregon
Lesson No. 1:
Jacques had a reverse over-lap grip and a casting problem we fixed at Golf Galaxy. He tended to release the club early and his incorrect grip caused a push/slice type ball flight. We also identified some of the fundamentals in Jacques swing that looked good so he would have confidence in those areas.
Free Video - Registration Required Jacques' Swing: Before | After
Lesson No. 2:
We club fit Jacques for new Callaway everything at Golf Galaxy using the simulator to check his swing speed, ball launch angles, backspin on his driver and lie angles for his irons and wedges. We also fit Jacque for a putter. His golf ball choice was the new Callaway Hex HOT.
Lesson No. 3 - 6:
Playing lessons on the course at Heron Lakes learning course management skills, shot making, short game techniques, bunker play, both fairway and green side sand shots, driving strategies, approach shot strategies, green reading techniques, and specialty short game skills.
Lesson No. 7:
Putting and chipping techniques.
Lesson No. 8:
More Putting and Chipping at the Reserve Vineyards to get comfortable with the greens.
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