Makeover Challenge - Jerad Park Lesson Summary


Jerad Park
Glen Spencer
PGA Professional- Golf Galaxy
Salt Lake City, Utah
We started working on Jerads posture at address. He was a bit rounded in the spine angle. Next, we worked on getting his hands on the club properly. I wanted to give him a sense of creating the golf swing with his body. He had a tendency to try and create the swing with his arms only and overswing in the process.
At this point, I stressed that the finish position was the final goal of the swing. I wanted to take the emphasis off hitting the golf ball and place it on completing the swing.
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The next major issue was to teach Jerad to extend and rotate the arms through the impact zone. Like most new golfers with a dominant right hand, he tended to want to lift the ball in the air by the right hand passing the left through impact.
Due to time constraints, this is where we stopped with the mechanical aspects of the golf swing. We tried to have Jerad get comfortable with the concept of set-up, swing and finish and make that a repeatable motion. We then went out on the course to incorporate those swing thoughts under playing conditions.
The most dominant positive attribute for us was Jerads natural athleticism. Our biggest obstacle was that he wanted the process of learning to play golf to go faster. Sometimes its hard to remember that one great swing does not guarantee that another great swing will come next.
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