Makeover Challenge - Kate Shaeffer Lesson Summary


Kate Shaeffer
Ron Hanson
Director of Golf and Instruction
Interbay Golf Center, Seattle, WA
One of the initial comments Kate made in the first lesson was I never get to a good finish position. To me, that was the antithesis of her golf swing. She was out of balance. Her inability to finish on her left foot with her chest facing the target could be traced back to her out of balance backswing.
Once she was out of balance in her backswing, a considerable amount of manipulation and timing was required for her to be able to hit the ball, let alone finish the swing.
Kate was performing many components of the golf swing she thought she was supposed to emulate. With Kate, as with many students, her inability to perform an in balance golf swing stems from misconceptions and the misunderstanding of the components of the golf swing.
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During the first lesson, I gave Kate an overview of the swing. If I was to give her a piece here and a piece there, the changes we were embarking on would not have made any sense to her. Imagery, analogies, video and drills were used extensively throughout all of her lessons to clarify the components of the golf swing.
The first phase of her swing that we changed was her backswing. Kates problems stemmed from her trying to keep her head still and pulling her arms across her body. This caused her shoulders to tilt and not remain perpendicular to her spine.
She became bound up and could not keep her club in a balanced, levered position. We focused on maintaining her triangle with her chest and arms and keeping her club in balance as she rotated her left shoulder across her body. Her head needed to move slightly to her right to enable her to create her right hip as her axis instead of her spine. It was amazing.
Within a couple of swings, not only was she in balance on her backswing but she was also finishing in balance facing the target. From that point forward, Kates lessons continue to emphasize her position at the top of her backswing and we further explored golf in balance.
Kates emphasis in her game in the future is to continue working on a good balanced swing and transferring that swing to the golf course.
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