Makeover Challenge - Mike Cruz Lesson Summary


Mike Cruz
Michael Marcum
Director of Instruction
Empire Lakes Golf Course, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Lesson 1:
Performed skills test to see what were Mikes strengths and weaknesses. Ball striking showed Mike over swung, had poor posture, and reverse pivoted. Mike didnt have command of his ball flight when asked to curve the ball right and left and hit the ball low and high. His chipping was very weak as he created too big of a backswing which caused him to decelerate at impact with a short follow-through. This was the same for his putting stroke, and with the same results ' poor distance control and minimal confidence.
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Lesson 2:
Worked with Mike on proper rotation into his right side at the top of his swing in an attempt to reduce the reverse pivot. Some of this was caused by his irons being too short which caused Mike to stay on his left side during the backswing for fear of moving too far away from the ball. Spent some time on chipping a basic wedge chip shot since Mike needed to work on his technique. We shortened his backswing and showed him how to hit down on the ball using the sole or bounce of the club properly.
Lesson 3:
Spent time working on Mikes driver technique. Really was more of the same as lessons 1 and 2. Posture and spine tilt were stressed at this point. Mike needed to tilt more into his right side and lean or tilt more from his hips instead of sitting back with his torso too vertical.
Lesson 4:
Mike needed more short game work so we spent time in the bunker and around the green to confirm his confidence in the new technique.
Lesson 5:
We went on the course to see how Mike thinks and executes while on the course. He showed promise with the long clubs, especially with the hybrid irons, but showed weakness at short irons inside 150 yards. Overall, Mike hit the ball well off the tee, but performed poorly on short irons from a tight fairway lie under 120 yards.
Lesson 6:
Worked on Mikes full swing, primarily short irons. Spent time helping Mike learn to hit the ball with a downward blow. Shortened up his swing to better learn this technique which is where we want Mike to go with his swing in the future. Mike will need to be more precise with his short irons since he can hit the ball so far with his driver; this will lead to more short iron approaches.
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