Makeover Diary - Ralph Sanzeri


Natural Golf Makeover ChallengeEpisode 1: Boy, what a production! Takes a lot to make us look pretty I guess.

The golf is going slowly but what the hell, I'm getting to know the other participants and they seem nice, everybody seems to want to have a good time.

We filmed a little piece with each of our gurus. Ed gave us a basic lesson, too bad it was cut short but we are going to Chicago! I've never been there but we're leaving in about two hours!! I can't wait to try Natural Golf.
I've got so many things happening in my swing that I couldn't tell you what I'm doing. I hope Bob Epperly can fix me. I can't wait to get started on the lessons!
Episode 2: I got to meet Bob, my Natural Golf instructor; what a great guy. After one lesson he had me hitting the ball nicely. I haven't hit a good shot in three months. I'm really excited about this!
Episode 3: Met Bob at Wente Vineyards - what a beautiful place! We went to the driving range which is located on top of a hill overlooking the valley. We practiced for about 1 1/2-2 hours. It got cold and windy.
Bob reviewed our first lesson and got me back on track. Amazing what a difference I can see! Looking forward to my next lesson!!
Episode 4: Diablo Creek, lesson with Bob. We worked with the Navigate, a nice little device that gets me working down my target line. Dashow was right, I broke it. Bob got my address position better and I hit some shots that just flew (and straight too).
Got to work with Kelly Blackburn, OH GOD, I'm so out of shape! That's okay, lots of room for improvement and with a membership to Bally's, there's no reason for me to slack!
Episode 5: Good lesson, but I struggled. I just need to loosen up, I felt too tight. I started working on the longer clubs and I can't believe how straight I can hit the ball. I also used Moe's History Stick. What a funky little thing that is, but it works! Long grass or bunker, the ball popped out on the green.
Episode 6: Things are really starting to click. Bob Epperly taped my swing...WHEW, that was scary looking! I'm feeling good about this session. Worked on the putting green some, did some drills that I can see if you practice them enough they really work.
Did my exercises after work and felt good about it, I won't let Kelly down!
Episode 7: Had a Playing lesson with Bob Epperly, a little nervous. Started out okay, parred the first hole, bogey on the second with a 3-putt.
Overall, I hit some good shots. I had a little streak on the back side with two pars and a birdie all in a row. Bob was happy with my round and has a few things he wants to touch on, but my swing felt great!
Episode 8:
Check back next week!
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