New York Stories a Powerful Tale of Death Survival


The normal story at the Golf Channel is a little bit birdies and a little bit bogeys, professional golfers in the eternal battle with the golf course and with themselves, making it big or not making it at all.
New York Stories, the Spirit Endured This story, though, is not normal. This story is about something that transcends golf, transcends sports as a whole. This is New York Stories of Enduring Spirit, a haunting remembrance of both the beautiful and the tragic of that day that will forever now be remembered ' September 11, 2001. Golf recollections weave it all together as families attempt to bear the memories, or face a future without loved ones.
Rich Lerner, anchor-reporter at the Golf Channel, tells the stories of that fateful day as he interviews family and friends of several of those who made a difference at the scene of the World Trade Center.
Husbands without wives, wives without husbands, too many left with the beauty of a setting sun but no late afternoon golf partner with whom to share it, Lerner writes of his experiences on Lerner interviewed several families who lost loved ones or who narrowly missed being a statistic themselves, and all had one common theme ' golf.
The segment debuts Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET, then re-airs several more times. Here is a sample of the reactions of several newspaper columnists who have seen the video:
Joe Logan, Philadelphia Inquirer - At first glance, it might seem like a bit of a stretch for the Golf Channel to produce an hour-long documentary related to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Turns out its not.
Jerry Greene, Orlando Sentinel ' For those who do draw hope and inspiration from the lives of those closest to the tragedy, the Golf Channel has done a fine piece of work. They, too, have contributed in their own way.
Barry Rosner, Chicago Daily Herald ' It is amazing, so do yourself a favor. Start your month of holiday revelry tonight with a dose of warmth and remembrance from ' of all places ' the Golf Channel. You might even give thanks that youre still here to see it.
Ed Sherman, Chicago Tribune ' Good shot: The Golf Channel will debut a special, New York Stories of Enduring Spirit What makes the one-hour show special is that it will air without commercials.
The segment will be shown several times in the coming weeks. Look for the re-air times in our Program Listings. The Golf Channel is grateful that it has a part, no matter how small, in soothing the pain of so many.
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