The Next Chapter Wie Welcomes a New Year


Editor's note: After a tumultuous and injury prone 2007 season, Michelle Wie recently sat down with Golf Central to discuss a wide variety of topics including the past year, her nagging injuries, her experiences at Stanford University and what the upcoming year might bring. This exclusive interview will air during the Sony Open in Hawaii, the second week of January.

On Her Experience at Stanford Her First Semester:
Its great. I mean I love Stanford, it was everything that I thought of and more. You know, staying at the freshman dorms youll learn more out of the classroom, but I just got done with finals and got my grades and Im really excited about it. Its sad that the quarter was that fast, so next quarter Im really excited about it and taking some cool classes and its a lot of fun but a lot of hard work as well.

Michelle WieHer Toughest Class Her First Semester:
It probably was Calculus its my hardest one It was really hard.

Her Social Life at Stanford:
Well staying at the freshman dorms, theres a lot of activities going on I mean theres 84 people in the dorms so all of them wont be busy at the same time. So it was a lot of fun just hanging out and making a lot of new friends and I felt like we bonded pretty closely at the dorm and just the whole freshman class you know it was just a lot of fun and lots of things to do.

On Her Celebrity Status on Campus:
I dont really think Im a celebrity on campus, its just like 'Oh, theres that person on campus.' I mean, theres a lot of other special people on campus so I dont really think I stood out but you know its really interesting. Theres a lot of rumors about me going on around campus. I think the funniest rumor is that there is a rumor that I actually go to Stanford and that I actually dont go to Stanford is only a rumor. So thats pretty funny and theres also another rumor that Ive moved out of the dorms, so I just play along with itits kind of funnybut I dont get any special treatmentI dont stand out. Its just a really unique campus.

On Balancing, School, Social Life and Golf:
Well it wasnt easy the first couple weeks because I wasnt sure what I was doing and not staying at home was also a big step for me and so it took a lot of getting used to but it was a lot of fun and I feel like Im taking a lot more responsibility and my schedule and workouts and practice. I actually have to go there by myself, drive there to the golf course and it takes more responsibility and I feel like Im growing up a little bit -- being more responsible about how Im going to practice and how to balance anything and just focusing on time management. Ive learned how to study very quickly and practice very efficiently and its a fun time to be social, so its a really big balancing act.

Her Relationship with the Stanford Golf Teams:
Yeah, theres actually a girl on the golf team thats in my dorm and its really cool. Ive met the golf team Im pretty close with them and theyre really cool people and its a lot of fun to be getting to Stanford athletics just the football, the basketball, the volleyball, everything. Its just really exciting to see.

Her Playing Plans for 2008:
I just want to be healthy in 2008. I feel like I was pretty sick in 2007 and last part of 2006, but you know moving on forward to 2008 I just want to be a healthy person, play stress free, live stress free, and hopefully that will turn into good golf and I want to really able to play really well and just be on the top of my game again.

On How Healthy Her Wrist Is:
Its getting there. I mean, its definitely a lot better than it has been and definitely getting to be pain free and just have to get it stronger again and getting use to hitting a lot of balls and just getting it better.

Looking Back at the 2007 Season:
2007 was an interesting year. I try to forget it, because there was nothing I can do to stop it because it was kind of part of my young self where I felt like at any moment it can turn around and if I can grind through it I can do it. But looking back at it now, there was no way I could have played well. I mean, I broke three bones in my wrist and trying to play out there, trying to be competitive on tour is just not gonna happen. I just had to set aside myself and not play but I think that was what 2007 was and 2008 Im going to make a lot more smart decisions and hopefully be a more responsible person and just be on top of my game again.

Any Regrets on Playing Hurt in 2007:
Its just sad to see that I tried so hard to play with a not functional body, so this year I just really want to be smart about my body and just really kind of put myself out of my body and look at myself and say if Im ready to play and dont play until Im ready.

On Not Playing in the Sony Open in 2008:
Its kind of sad that I'm not home right now in general. You know, its been a long time since I have not been home, you know, going away to college and all that, but its OK, life goes on and unfortunately Im not going to play in the Sony Open. Like I said, Im not going to play until Im 100 percent ready, but you know hopefully Im going to be able to play there again sometime soon.

What Her Goals Are - On and Off the Course - in 2008:
I want 2008 to be a simple year. I want it to be a stress free year and a fun year for me. I want to be able to play well again I want to be able to keep my grades up at Stanford. I want to be able to have a nice balanced life and I just want to be able to have a nice smooth easy year. Just a stress free year a simple year and play well and have fun.

On Learning About Herself from Last Year:
I think that I learned how to grind out there. Ive never grinded so much in my entire life and I think that motivated me to get a lot better and Ive never practiced harder ever since and it put a whole new mentality on me that I really have to practice and really work on my game and I ate some humble pie and just moving forward.
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