President-Elect golfer admits hes not that good


Move over Mickelson, there's a new Lefty on the links.
According to a pool report from The New York Times, President-Elect Barack Obama spent his first day of his last vacation before taking office, playing 18 holes Sunday at Olomana Golf Links on the island of Oahu.
Onlookers watching Obama warm up noticed something interesting about the president-elect.
'He's a lefty!' a man called out.
The incoming 44th president wore black shades, a white polo shirt, light-brown cargo shorts, white socks, and golf shoes on day one of a 13-day vacation in his native Hawaii. He was joined by two local friends and one of his political advisors, Eugene Kang.
During his five-hour round, the president-elect stopped for hot dogs, orange sodas, and a spam, egg, rice and seaweed Hawaiian treat.
When reporters at the snack bar asked about his game, Obama insisted, Im not that good.
He then told the group of reporters to go up to the clubhouse and put a few beers on his tab. No one took him up on the offer.