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With Tiger and Phil returning this week, who are we likely to see more of over the remainder of the year?
Brian Hewitt Brian Hewitt - Columnist, GOLFCHANNEL.com:
I think you are going to see very little of either. Phil because of the wrist and Tiger because of Sam Alexis. Both will be especially scarce after the FedExCup.
Steve Sands Steve Sands - Reporter, GOLF CHANNEL:
Tough one to answer. Tiger just became a father for the first time and his schedule could be altered because of that. Phil doesn't usually play much after the PGA, but with the new FedEx playoffs probably will play more often than in the past. My guess is that we'll see them both equally as much through the TOUR Championship and then see a bit more Tiger from the end of September through the end of the calender year.
Mark Rolfing Mark Rolfing - Analyst, GOLF CHANNEL:
I think it will be about equal because of the FedExCup. But without the FedExCup I might have said Tiger, because sometimes Phil shuts it down later in the year. I think they will both play a lot in August and September.
Mercer Baggs Mercer Baggs - Senior Producer, GOLFCHANNEL.com:
There's actually a pretty good chance that when we see one, we'll see the other over the remainder of the year. They will both be playing almost exclusively in majors, WGC events or FedExCup tournaments. After that ... poof. If Phil's wrist is OK, he might get in one extra tournament than Woods.
Hot Topic
What was the biggest story to emerge from the U.S. Womens Open: Cristie Kerrs first major win or another major loss for Lorena Ochoa?
For me it was another disappointment for Lorena. She handled the defeat with her usual aplomb but there almost seems to be a ghost in the machine with her swing down the stretch in majors.
Lorena Ochoa not winning. The win for Cristie is a good story, but when the No. 1 woman in the world has yet to win her first major and has another chance down the stretch to do so, but doesn't, unfortunately that overshadows Cristie's win.
I think it was Cristie Kerrs win, because shes the second best player to not have won a major prior to last week.
Lorena's defeat. As big as Kerr's birdie was on the 14th hole, the defining shot of the tournament was Ochoa's drive on the 17th and subsequent bogey. We were all waiting to see if Lorena could stand firm while in contention on the back nine, but she wavered.
Hot Topic
The average winning score over the last five years at the U.S. Senior Open is 9 under. Should the Senior Open play tougher?
The over-50 guys aren't much into torture and the USGA knows it. Not many of them are looking forward to getting beaten up by Whistling Straits. After all, haven't they suffered enough? The winning score this week will probably be anywhere from 5 to 10 under.
If the USGA, which among other things, is known for it's tough set-ups, is OK with the U.S. Senior Open being that low under par it's fine with me. I think Champions Tour players struggling to keep it around par, like a US Open, would not be good for fans to watch in person or on television.
I dont like saying what a winning score should be until Ive seen the course and the set up. I imagine that Whistling Straits will play tough. Even par could win.
I don't have a problem with any red number in single digits winning a USGA event. Even 8 under only equates to an average of 2 under a day, which is not exactly lights out. This year's edition at Whistling Straits should play pretty tough, particularly with the wind. Five under or higher could win.
What's the ONE thing you are most looking forward to this week in the world of golf?
How well Tiger Woods will play as a father and a first-time host in a PGA TOUR event.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Washington, D.C. area host a PGA TOUR event. The fans in the D.C. area will show they can support a quality tournament with a good field at a great venue, Congressional. Greg McLaughlin and his staff will put on a first-class event that will make the TOUR and my hometown proud.
Hopefully not having to talk about Michelle Wie at least for a while.
The condition of Phil Mickelson's wrist. Hopefully it's not one of those things that will nag him for some time to come.
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