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Hot Topic
This week is normally the spot for THE PLAYERS Championship. Do you like having the fifth major between the Masters and the U.S. Open or as a lead-in to the seasons first major?
17th at the TPC at Sawgrass
Aerial look of the 17th green at the TPC at Sawgrass. (WireImage)
'PLAYERS Championship Move? I'm 100% in favor of the move!' -- George Kelley
'Good move to put it in May, and I'm betting the players will agree. They are all in full swing (no pun intended) by then.' -- Blair McCurdy, Milford, Ohio
'Moving the PLAYERS Championship date is positive - it should not have to compete for press time against The Masters.' -- Garvin Bailey
'I think it's a great move - providing a smooth transition from The Masters to the U.S. Open. Hopefully the weather will be a bit more cooperative in mid-May than it's been during March.' -- James Evans
Hot Topic
Should the PGA TOUR do more to make the WGC events contested on a more global level?
'I'll not hear a moments whining from any player about greuling schedules or tiresome road trips or being away from their families so long; they know what kind of lifestyle they're signing up for when they turn pro. Either that or take the word 'world' out of the title.' -- Jeremy C. Nagel, Lansing, Mich.
'It would be great to see more of the old classic courses in the British Isles. However, I don't believe the travel issues should even be considered during these days and times when private jets and expedited travel service for these players is the norm!' -- Jim Reagor, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
'WGC events should be truly worldwide. The events should be a showcase for other fine courses from around the world. I love the variety of shots on links vs. typical TOUR courses for example. For me, anything that causes the players to play adaptive/creative shots, and showcase their skills, is fun to watch.' -- lon keith klein
'In a perfect world, of course some of the WGC events should be played all over the world. There are great courses to be showcased in many different spots! But, the fact is most of the top players already live and play in the U.S. and it makes sense to keep the events here.' -- Not So Perfect World

Hot Topic
Who are the best and worst dressed golfers, on any tour, today?
Ian Poulter
The one-of-a-kind style that is Ian Poulter. (Wire Images)
'Mr. Hewitt's grandmother was right, as grandmothers often are - in fashion, taste is everything. Tiger Woods, Indian golfer Jeev Milkha Singh and even Sergio Garcia (when he's not looking like a cross between a banana and a canary)...they look good in almost everything they put on. Natalie Gulbis? Well, we've seen that body pretty much in its entirety, so we know it's...admirable. Of course she's going to look great in little skirts.' -- Patricia Hannigan
'As far as fashion goes, I think Americans are way behind the trend, and Europeans dress a lot better. Just because style is different or unique, they aren't bad dressers. Such as Ian Poulter,who has fantastic fashion sense, and his use of color is very outstanding.' -- kelvin
'Did you guys forget Jose Maria Olazabal? He dresses very nicely, and in my opinion, no ones 'be-hind' fits a pair of pants as nicely as his does!' -- Lisa Nowlin
'(I) wonder if anybody will ever match Payne Stewart in the best dressed category?' -- Millend G.
Hot Topic
Vijay Singh won this past week by using a belly putter. Should belly and/or long putters be made illegal?
'Its not the long putters that are changing the game, its the hot ball and the high tech drivers. Everyone can also use long putters, but most choose not too because there is no advantageits a preference.' -- George Churchfield
'There is a maximum length for drivers. I believe that the maximum length should apply to ALL clubs including putters. If for no other reason than 2 club lengths with some of the broomstick putters can almost get you from the trees to the fairway.' -- Chris Pendleton, San Luis Obispo, Calif.
'I don't think the belly putter or long putter should be illegal on TOUR, however, it always looks like a gimmick of some sort when I see those guys using them. As wackidoodle as 'the claw' looks, I understand it and players still look like they're putting; but, those pivoting belly putters are a tad unorthadox.' -- Jane Massey
'Most proponents of the bracing method (used with belly putters) would argue the technique allows them to help eliminate the small muscles. But who says the skill in mastering and controlling these muscles (nerves) is less important than any other element of the game?' -- Thomas A. Nagle
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