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Aside from Jack Nicklaus vs. Tiger Woods in their primes, what would be your ultimate match-play showdown of all time?
John Daly
John Daly actually might have trouble keeping up with Bubba Watson.(WireImage)
'In a Grip-it-and-Rip-it match: John Daly vs Bubba Watson. The Most Explosive (literally) Match: Steve Pate vs Woody Austin (especially if Woody's putter is not cooperating). But by far the Most Entertaining match would be: Lee Trevino vs Chi Chi Rodriguez.' -- Millend Gupta, Holmdel, NJ.
'Bobby Jones vs. Tiger Woods - best amateur and best professional.' -- Ron Ballen
'That's a question that took me about five seconds to come up with the answer. All time great match would be Trevino against Ballesteros. They wouldn't get 5 holes in before there was an exchange of gunfire!' -- Ken Doerfler, Glendale, Arizona
'What about Lee Trevino and Fuzzy Zoeller. Think about two good golfers with great personalities - would this not be a draw or what? The crowds would love it. They may not have the talent of Nicklaus or Woods but they would be fun to watch..' -- Kenneth Schatz
'I would like to see Tiger vs Bobby Jones, who I still consider the best there ever was. Would be even better if they played two rounds one with each generations equipment and balls.' -- Bob Babcock
Hot Topic
Phil Mickelson had another eventful finish last Sunday. What is your most memorable Mickelson moment?
'Phil's first Masters is a great memory. His reaction was great. And not only was he relieved, but the fans were too!' -- Steve Hrezik, Westerville, Ohio
'When (Payne) Stewart was telling him on the 18 green of the U.S. Open that he just beat him in, 'You're gonna have a baby.' I know damn well he was thinking 'I can have more babies, I wanted this Open!'' -- Ken D.
'Hands down his win at the 2004 Masters. Each and everyone of my friends sitting around watching leaped off the couch and starting screaming. Never have I seen that reaction amongst us when watching golf.' -- Frank, Madison
'Unfortunately I go with his meltdown at Winged Foot. He wants that U.S. Open sooooo bad, finishing runner-up at least 2 or 3 times. Then there he is with easily his best chance to finally win it and poof! My stomach hurt watching it unfold.' -- Rick, Van Nuys, Calif.
Hot Topic
Mark OMeara and Nick Price have already debuted on the Champions Tour this year, while Bernhard Langer, Seve Ballesteros, Jeff Sluman and John Cook are all eligible to join in 06. Who among them will have the best career as a senior?
Nick Price
Nick Price is a rookie on the Champions Tour this season.. (Wire Images)
'Langer seems to have more gas in his tank than some of the others that were mentioned.' -- David Bergsvik
'I too would love to see Nick Price do well on the Champions Tour as you say a real class act.' -- Jim Orr, Wiiliamsport, Pa.
'Probably Langer with Price close behind. The sleeper of this group could be John Cook. No one seems to be expecting much from him. Regardless, I hope this group breathes some much needed life into the Champions Tour. ALSO - let's hope Nick Price never has to play a round behind Bernhard Langer! It would be so slow, his head would explode.' -- James Evans
Hot Topic
Paula Creamer wears pink on Sunday. Tiger Woods wears red. What color should Mickelson adorn during the final round?
'Hmmm. Anything he wants to wear just as long as it's NOT that Baby Spit-Up Yellow outfit that Sergio wore during the final round of the '06 Open Championship! The world would be a better place if Adidas burned those clothes and ritually sacrificed the designer.' -- J. Evans, San Antonio, TX
'Phil needs to take a lesson from Lee Trevino. It was he who had a red shirt on Sunday. Lee always had an explanation why. He stated it was because if he cut his throat on Sunday he did not wish to have anyone know he was bleeding.' -- Jeff McArthur
'Mickelson's Sunday best? Definitely black. He could use the psychological benefit like the original Black Knight and also benefit from it's slimming effects.' -- Scott A. Wolfe
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