Sergio Garcia - December 10, 2012


When asked about his best memory from the 2012 Ryder Cup, Garcia said that it was difficult to pick just one because there are always so many great moments. But if he had to pick one, he would pick the time that he got to spend with Captain Olazabal and his teammates in the team room in between sessions as well as before and after the competition.

He played in Thailand last week and after playing in Malaysia this week, he will take some time off before beginning his 2013 season with the Commercialbank Qatar Masters. He plans to spend some time in Spain before taking his family with him to Switzerland for the holidays. He also plans to watch plenty of soccer and relax before beginning his preparations for a new season.

After the Ryder Cup, he underwent eye surgery to correct astigmatism. He had worn contact lenses for many years but he would often find them uncomfortable especially when he was on the golf course. He had continued to wear them for a long time because he never had any time to have the surgery but he was very happy to have the surgery once he was finally able to have the time to do so.

When asked about the possible anchoring ban by the USGA and R&A, Garcia said that as far as he is concerned they could institute the ban tomorrow and he would be fine with it. Even though he has anchored his putter in the past, he has used a conventional putter for several years and because he plans to keep using it, this potential ban would have no impact on his career whatsoever.

During the Day Two Four-Ball session, Europe was down 10-4 at one point but he and Luke Donald made a great comeback in their match. While he put himself in position to make birdies and hit some great shots, Garcia noted that Luke Donald was the one who was making all of the putts in their match against Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker. Reducing the deficit to 10-6 heading into Sunday’s Singles matches made a victory possible and they will able to pull off an unbelievable comeback.