Ten Competitors One Goal Who Will Survive


To succeed in golf, an individual must rely on a lifetime of practice and preparation. But talent, skill, smarts and cunning will only get you so far. At some point in time, one must be fortunate or lucky enough to catch a break. Make that a Big Break.
And so, starting Tuesday night on The Golf Channel, 10 lucky golfers will be given the ultimate tee time - their Big Break!
The Big Break, a 10-part original series, will air Tuesdays at 9:00 PM (ET), beginning Oct. 7. It will offer the chance of a lifetime to 10 men to make their dreams of playing professional golf a reality.
The Big BreakFrom a long list of entrants around the country, The Golf Channel carefully chose 10 scratch golfers, each with their own story and aspirations, to compete in a series of unique challenges in a quest to be the last man standing.
And for that last man, the Big Break will be his ' sponsors exemptions into four Canadian Tour events airing on The Golf Channel in 2004.
The 10 competitors - ranging in ages from 25 to 56 - will be faced with tests of their physical and psychological abilities, as tension-filled skills challenges and long hours of production take their toll.
The group includes: Randy Block, 41, a golf store manager from San Antonio, Texas; Jeff Brown, 40, an operations manager with the Federal Aviation Administration from Hampton, Ga.; Charles Calhoun, 36, an aspiring tour professional from Marietta, Ohio; Steve Duemig, 48, a radio talk show host from Clearwater, Fla.; Mark Farnham, 37, a school supplies company president from Chicago, Ill.; Garrett Garland, 56, a business executive from Northridge, Calif.; Craig Pawling, 29, a bartender from Sunrise, Fla.; Justin Peters, 26, an aspiring tour professional from Plantation, Fla.; Jon Roddy, 26, a part-time golf shop sales clerk from Orlando, Fla.; and Anthony Sorentino, 25, a landscape and construction worker from Rochester Hills, Mich.
The Golf Channel's cameras followed all 10 men on and off the golf course, allowing viewers to eavesdrop on conversations and opening a window into their personal feelings.
'I think for some of the younger guys that this is may be their really first big chance ever, and it's a little different for me, that this may be my last shot ever, said Garrett Garland, the show's oldest participant. 'So it's not only the Big Break, it's the last break.
Unlike other shows, there is no voting on The Big Break - each week one competitor will be eliminated based solely on his performance in challenges designed to simulate shots players face every week on tour.
The Big Break features both skills challenges and elimination challenges, in which the players have to shoot their way through and around elaborate props providing some unexpected and humorous twists.
'It's like, 'OK, what's in store next, what are they going to have us do?'' wondered Georgia resident Jeff 'Lucky' Brown, who has a wife and two children.
Katherine Roberts and Rick SmithThe player who wins each skills challenge will receive a prize, and the all important Mulligan. The Mulligan will be an extra shot that the player can use in the subsequent elimination challenge.
In the elimination challenge the pressure is on, as the competitor with the worst performance is sent home. As the episodes progress and the number of competitors dwindles, winning Mulligans and performing well in the elimination challenges become increasingly more important.
'Everybody's goal,' stated talk show host Steve Duemig, 'is not to be the first guy going home.'
The series was shot in picturesque northern Michigan at the popular Treetops Resort. Rick Smith, one of The Golf Channel's Troubleshooters and instructor to PGA Tour stars such as Phil Mickelson, Rocco Mediate and Lee Janzen, will serve as co-host of the series. Throughout the show, Smith will lend expertise and guidance to the competitors.
Smith will be joined by co-host Katherine Roberts, a health and fitness guru, who will set the stage for each episode.
'This show will give viewers at home a revealing look at how passionate these guys are about golf and just how difficult it can be to master the game. The unusual challenges will be a lot of fun to watch,' said Smith.
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