Tiger Fields the Darndest Questions


Tiger Woods takes a seat and prepares to answer yet another off-the-wall set of questions. Its a ritual that takes places on Tuesday or Wednesday every week that he plays a golf tournament. He patiently chats for some 30 minutes, on all possible topics, for every questioner.
Heres a sample of some of the queries he fielded at Bay Hill Tuesday. Not all are as ridiculous as they sound ' generally they were from reporters working on a particular angle to a story. But this is an example of the different topics he touches on at each tournament:
Have you thought about this world issue - obviously there's been a cancellation of a PGA Tour event before, and the ground swell was pretty quick from Tuesday to Wednesday when they decided to cancel it. Have you talked to the tour at all?
TIGER WOODS: I have not. I've come over from my house at Isleworth, played a practice round, pro-am today and I haven't seen anybody.
If we did go to war in 48 hours or whatever it may be, would it surprise you if they decided to cancel it?
TIGER WOODS: Actually, I think it would surprise me if they did. There must be a really good reason for them to do it if they did.
This may be unfair, but you're an American icon, you're a symbol of this country, do you feel that you need to make your views known about an impending war involving your country?
And why not, if I may?
TIGER WOODS: Because I'm not a politician where I have a say-so and a vote and a ruling position where I can make a difference. The people back in Congress are doing the best they can to make the right decision. And I'm not there. I'm a golfer.
But movie stars routinely --
TIGER WOODS: And that's their prerogative. My prerogative is to go out there and compete. That's what I try and do. And people ask me for my opinion just because I get the ball in the hole fewer times than most guys do.
Did you watch Bush last night, his speech?
TIGER WOODS: I watched a little bit of it, yeah.
What did you think?
TIGER WOODS: Pretty interesting. He was pretty assertive. I like that.

Do you ever listen to the Dixie Chicks?
TIGER WOODS: On the radio. (Pause.) What kind of question is that? (Laughter.)
What's more rewarding, when you have to battle or you just come out and you're on fire from the get-go?
TIGER WOODS: What do you think? (Laughing).
Don't you feel like you've accomplished more when you've had to battle back?

TIGER WOODS: Why? If it's easier to win by 20, wouldn't you want to win by 20?
Charles (Howell III) said you just got a Hummer.
Doesn't strike me as your type of vehicle?
TIGER WOODS: It's a GM vehicle. (Smiling).

Depression. Did that ever happen to you during last year?
TIGER WOODS: No. None of those things came into it.
I definitely felt more tired after every event because of the mental fatigue of trying to block out pain; also trying to compete at the same time. That certainly took a lot out of me. Plus I didn't sleep well at night because it would be aching so much that it would wake me up a lot of times.
This is a little off the wall --
TIGER WOODS: Really? From you?
Wait till you hear this one. What kind of a crazy world is it when this KKK guy who is going to be at Augusta lists you as his favorite player?
TIGER WOODS: Ironic. That's as ironic as it gets. (Laughter.)
Maybe ten years from now, let's say you win this Masters, ten years from now will it be regarded as the year you won three in a row or the year of the membership controversy?
TIGER WOODS: I would love to have that problem. (Laughter.)