Top 10 Finishing Holes


harbour town top 10
No. 10 ' Harbour Town Golf Links
Verizon Heritage
Par-4, 452 yards

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Pete Dye: I think the out-of-bounds right dominates this hole. Theres plenty of room left but the more left you go, why, there's water so it just works on players minds and that's what the problem is.
Jerry Kelly: It's the widest fairway on Tour and it's still a tough drive. Up at the green the only bailout is short right and that's where you find just about everybody. It's still a tough up and down.
Nick Faldo: I think it needs a bunker in the middle of the fairway. An 80-yard-wide fairway? That's too easy these days. Id throw a bunker right in the middle so you have to make a choice of going left or right.
Woody Austin: The green is such a sliver especially because the wind is never straight in or straight down.

kapalua top 10
No. 9 ' Plantation Course at Kapalua
Mercedes-Benz Championship
Par-5, 663 yards

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Jonathan Byrd: At the Mercedes-Benz Championship it always seems to be close coming down to the last hole. You've got a par-5, you've got a lot that can happen. It's such a big fairway that if you hit it in a 50-yard area it's going to get down that speed slot, so you almost get on that tee and say, Just don't hit a bad shot.
Dr. Robert Winters, sports psychologist: Its the longest hole on Tour but it's downwind, downhill most of the time. It's still a great hole though, because you've got to really be thinking that tee shot through.
Jerry Foltz, Golf Channel: Everything is an uneven lie ' uphill, downhill, side hill, whatever ' and the wind is always blowing. But if you chunk it or whiff it or you thin it, you're in the drink to the left and you're making at least a bogey. It's one of the top-five finishing holes on Tour in my mind.

quail hollow top 10
No. 8 ' Quail Hollow Club
Wachovia Championship
Par-4, 478 yards
Ken Duke: Sitting on the top of that hill visualizing down the fairway, you can't go left, obviously, and you can't go right because you've got the trees and the bunkers so you really just have to focus on it and hit it down the middle.
Woody Austin: You can't get there out of the fairway bunker unless you're one of the Louie-Long-Balls who can hit their 5-iron 220 yards out of the fairway bunker straight up, which I don't have.
Sean OHair: It can be one of those holes where you make birdie after hitting a good second shot or it can be one of those holes where you hit two good shots and still 3-putt and walk away scratching your head thinking, What just happened? Its definitely a hole where every single shot demands a 100% focus and concentration.

riviera top 10
No. 7 ' Riviera Country Club
Northern Trust Open
Par-4, 475 yards
Robert Allenby: The year I won, on Friday I hit 9-iron and then in the playoff I hit 3-wood.
Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel: Its been beat up a little bit by technology, but in terms of all the history that has unfolded here and the beauty and the strategy of the hole, it's tough to beat.
Scott Verplank: Basically, you have a left-to-right stance and you need to hit a right-to-left shot, and the green slopes away from you.
Nick Faldo: Its one of the character holes on Tour.
Brian Hewitt, There's something just beguiling about it. There's a mystic there that's very hard to describe.
Steve Flesch: For the second shot its just hard to judge the distance because the green sits on an angle at an elevation where it's hard to see how far up there on the green you have to land it. Two long, high, well-struck shots is the only way to play No. 18 at Riviera.

valhalla top 10
No. 6 ' Valhalla Golf Club
Ryder Cup, PGA Championship
Par-5, 547 yards
Dr. Robert Winters: I had the great pleasure of being at Valhalla before they had the clubhouse; they had the golf course all sodded and prepared. I was standing on the 18th tee talking with one of the board of directors and not that Im some 21st century Nostradamus, but I looked at him and I said, Im dead serious, this hole right here is set up for great golf.
Ray Floyd: To reach this green in two you've got to drive the ball in the fairway. Left is bad, right's worse.
Kenny Perry: The first match [of the Ryder Cup] I hit it in the water on 18. There's history with me on the 18th hole. For some reason it hates me.
Hunter Mahan: You can make birdie, you can make eagle, and you can make a bogey. A lot of things can happen. I think it's a great match play hole.

doral top 10
No. 5 ' Doral Golf Resort & Spa
WGC CA Championship
Par-4, 467 yards

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Scott Hoch: I have fond memories of this hole and it's also bit me a number of times too.
Steve Flesch: It's a great par-5 as far as Im concerned. Going into that hole if I made two 5s and two 4s Id be totally happy.
Tom Abbott, Golf Channel: We've seen the best player in the world play that as a par-5. That tells you how difficult it really is.
Curtis Strange: When you think about a hole before you get to that tee it shows me there's something other than, Its a tough golf hole. It gets in your psyche. I hate to admit this but when I was playing well my strategy on how to play 18 would dictate how well I was playing in the round.
Ken Duke: It's just plain intimidating. You've got to pop it pretty good to get on that left side. Then you've got another 210 or so into the green.

bay hill top 10
No. 4 ' Bay Hill Club
Arnold Palmer Invitational
Par-4, 441 yards
Mike Johnson, Golf Digest: For some reason the tournament always seems to come down to this hole. A lot of it has to do with the fact that it's Arnie's tournament and you know Arnies there watching the finish.
Rex Hoggard, Give the best player in the world three chances to make par on that hole and he may get it one time. That, to me, is a tough hole.
Brandel Chamblee: It's a brutal hole. That green back there is no wider than two or three coffee table lengths.
Steve Flesch: Knowing how they always set up Bay Hill with the four-to-five-inch rye grass rough, getting it in the fairway off the 18th tee is paramount.
Bubba Watson: When that pin's tucked back right, it looks like a divot. You're trying to hit to a divot!

sawgrass top 10
No. 3 ' TPC Sawgrass
The Players Championship
Par-4, 462 yards

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Ryan Herrington, Golf Digest: Everyone talks about the par-5 16th because of the risk-reward and because of the ability to make an eagle or make a double bogey, and everyone obviously talks about the island green on the 17th. The 18th hole is as challenging a hole as there is on that golf course.
Stephen Ames: When you stand up on that tee and the wind's blowing hard off the left it's tough to slide it over the water and bring it back into the fairway. Sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn't. There's one particular little tree that sits out there about 290 yards. That's usually the only thing that I see when Im standing on that tee. That's the only thing you should be looking at.
Hal Sutton: At all costs youve got to hit the fairway. It's a tough, demanding second shot. A par's golden on this hole and if you get a birdie you got away with something.
Ryan Herrington: A par on this hole to win the Players Championship is as impressive a score as you're going to find in any big-time event.

carnoustie top 10
No. 2 ' Carnoustie Golf Links
The Open Championship
Par-4, 487 yards
Steve Sands, Golf Channel: The craziness thats happened on this hole validates how great it is. Its the best hole in the world with 18 on the tee box.
Brandel Chamblee: In terms of rating finishing holes, it might be the toughest hole in all of golf.
Alex Miceli, Golf Channel: Anyone who doesnt know what Barry Burn is, just ask Jean Van de Velde.
Rex Hoggard: In 08 we saw Padraig Harrington try to stick with his game plan and hit driver and see how that worked out. We had Sergio trying to lay back and give himself a chance just to put it in play. You had two of the best players at the time in the world and neither one of them could make a par.

pebble beach top 10
No. 1 ' Pebble Beach Golf Links
U.S. Open, AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
Par-5, 543 yards

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Kay Cockrell, Golf Channel: When you're out there you feel the magic. You cannot not feel the magic.
Steve Burkowski, Golf Channel: There are definitely more difficult finishing holes but, seeing the Pacific crashing up on the left and the tree, it's one of those holes that really puts the exclamation point on one of the great golf courses in the entire world.
Ryan Herrington: It's very underrated as a closing hole because you have the ability to make a birdie, but youve got to come through in the clutch.
Pete Dye: If you take the ocean away, its a good golf hole. But what makes it a great hole is that the next thing thats out of bounds is Japan.