Top 10 Newsmakers of 2010


  • Narrowing down the top 10 newsmakers of the year is not an easy process. No two people can agree on who or what should comprise the top 10, let alone in what order they should be ranked.

    In an effort to accomplish such an endeavor, employed the services of its golf writers, producers and editors, as well as some of Golf Channel’s on-air analysts and reporters. Each person listed their top 15 newsmakers of the 2010 golf season, using a system in which 15 points were awarded to each No. 1 story and 1 point to No. 15.

    For the remainder of the year, will reveal the top 10 newsmakers of the year as voted on by its staff and contributors.

    What is a newsmaker? It can be a person, an event, a series of related items. It’s anything or anyone who grabbed our attention in 2010 and made us take notice, for better or worse.

    Some of those just missing the cut included:  the repeated low scores in the world of golf, from one 58 to multiple 59s; the continued sagging economy; parity on the PGA Tour and a revitalizing season on the Champions Tour.

    As for the stories that made the top 10, they are as follows:

    Story 10: FedEx Cup Excitement
    Story 9:   Grooves Debate
    Story 8:   Youth Movement
    Story 7:   Erica Blasberg's Death
    Story 6:   Lorena Ochoa's Retirement
    Story 5:   Phil Mickelson's Season
    Story 4:   European Tour Dominance
    Story 3:   The Ryder Cup
    Story 2:   Bunkergate
    Story 1:   The Tiger Woods Saga