Top 10 Sexiest Golfers


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sophia sandolo sexy
No. 10 ' Sophie Sandolo
Marty Hackel, Golf Digest style guru: Frankly, I just think shes absolutely sexy as hell. Hello, shes great.
Stina Sternberg, Host, Golf Channels Big Break: When you see her on the golf course and when you talk to her and when you ' when you get to know her a little bit, you realize that shes the biggest tomboy out there.

greg norman sexy
No. 9 ' Greg Norman
Sternberg: Hes a good-looking guy, and hes got that very unique Australian look: very white hair, always tan, strong features. Hes got the wide shoulders, the skinny waist.
Rich Lerner, Golf Channel host/reporter: Sex Appeal Im guessing is not just about the look. Power? Money? Norman has a fair bit of both. Norman is in the turf business, hes in the wine business, hes in the golf course design business, hes in the looking way too damn in shape business. Hes in a lot of very good businesses.

may wood sexy
No. 8 ' May Wood
Sternberg: Very tall, very long, very blond hair, beautiful face. And then you couple that with the ability to hit a golf ball 350 yards. In a girl, thats got to be ' thats got to be pretty hot.
Lerner: I help organize a charity golf tournament in Orlando and May Wood has played several times. I promise, if we had Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and May Wood was also available, the guys are playing with May Wood.

Erica Blasberg sexy
No. 7 ' Erica Blasberg
Todd Wright, National radio host: I had Erica Blasberg on my national radio show. I admit it, the only reason why I had her on is because she was gorgeous. Shes a sweetheart.
Hackel: Personality is such an important ingredient. Its that other intangible that often makes the difference. And when you meet her, you know that youve met someone that has confidence and style.

fred couples sexy
No. 6 ' Fred Couples
Beth Ann Baldry, Senior Writer, Golfweek: Oh, whats not to love about Fred? It doesnt matter how old Fred is or how much gray is in his hair.
Inga Hammond, Golf Channel host/reporter: Fred Couples is such a hottie. When he gives you that smile and he says your name and youre kind of like, Ah, Im melting, melting. He is, hes sexy.
Jim Nantz, CBS Sports broadcaster: What Im amused by though is when we were in college, we couldnt get him a date. He never went out. So he was always the third wheel.

anna rawson sexy
No. 5 ' Anna Rawson
Sternberg: The first time I saw Anna Rawson was in an ad for golf shoes. And I have to say that I first thought theres no way this girl is a golfer. And then I started to learn more and more about her and I realized that this girl has some really legitimate game.

tiger woods sexy
No. 4 ' Tiger Woods
Hammond: They say power is the biggest aphrodisiac and no one has more power in golf than Tiger Woods. But he has this smile. When Tiger Woods smiles, it literally lights up an entire room.
Hackel: He looks great standing in the line at Starbucks. Hes got an unbelievable physique and he wears clothes that show that a little bit.
Sternberg: Extreme confidence walking down a fairway. Theres so much confidence in every step that he takes and that alone makes him sexy.

camilo villegas sexy
No. 3 ' Camilo Villegas
Sternberg: You know, they talk about people having that it thing. This is an it thing that really makes womens hearts melt. If you could bottle it and sell it, youd make a lot of money.
Hammond: His clothes, you can spot them miles away on a golf course. You know, the colors are bold, the fashions are bold. He wears them with that Colombian swagger. Then you add in the Spiderman pose. Yeah, its a lot for the ladies.

natalie gulbis sexy
No. 2 ' Natalie Gulbis
Hackel: Shes one of those people that, heck, shed look great coming out of the gym in the morning. I think she looks great all the time.
Baldry: Its definitely not a shock that Natalie Gulbis is on the list and Im sure youre going to have tons of male reporters gushing over how gorgeous she is.
Wright: I think Natalie Gulbis is hot.

adam scott sexy
No. 1 ' Adam Scott
Hackel: If I went out and asked 100 women who was the sexiest golfer, 95 of them would tell me Adam Scott. He just has that look.
Hammond: Hes like pleasantly shy and reserved and just kind. And theres something unbelievably sexy about that.
Sternberg: I compare him to Clark Kent, you know. Hes very much that really, really nice-looking guy who has everything going for him, but doesnt know it. And thats very cute. I mean, hes the kind of guy that you really would love to take home to mom.