Win Zone Explained


WinZoneThe typical leaderboard you have come to know while watching televised golf is about to change. GOLF CHANNEL debuted Win Zone during its PGA TOUR coverage from Hawaii and will be the exclusive home of this new technology.

What is the Win Zone?
Win Zone is a statistical system which calculates a players potential to win a golf tournament at any time during the event. A typical leaderboard only tells you where a player stands. Win Zone tells you what chance each player has to be the tournament winner.

Video: Rich Lerner helps explain Win Zone

How the Win Zone is Calculated?
The system takes into account a players Scoring History over the last 2 Years, the Course Difficulty, Field Strength and Number of Holes Remaining.

  • Scoring History: Last 2 years of scoring history for every course, hole-by-hole.
  • Course Difficulty: The scores are adjusted to make each course equitable.
  • Field Strength: It matches up each player vs. every other player.
  • Holes Remaining: It isnt round based it calculates after every score is posted.

    How reliable are Win Zones predictions?
    Win Zone runs over 2 Million calculations every minute to keep its results up to date. Every birdie, every bogey, every score posted has an immediate impact on Win Zones results. Below are key statistics on how Win Zone fared during the 2006 season:

    2006 Conversion Percentage of Round-by-Round Leaders

     Outright Win Zone 
    Round 118%30%
    Round 225%41%
    Round 355%67%
    How often eventual winner is in the Top 3 in Win Zone after each round:
    Round 1 - 44%
    Round 2 - 58%
    Round 3 - 90%
    Win Zone doesnt leave anything to chance. It relies on how a player has performed in the past and uses that information to predict how he will perform and how that impacts his chances to win.

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