Akiko Fukushima Press Conference Transcript


AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: Second shot went to the left. About a seven-meter putt, 2-putt.
MODERATOR: Birdie on 7.
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: The second shot was 8-iron, about three meters.
MODERATOR: Birdie on 9.
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: Sand wedge, about three meters.
MODERATOR: Then birdie on 14.
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: Tee shot was 9-iron, about five meters.
Q. I know you putted fairly well today, but are you going to practice your putting after the round today?
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: I'm going to practice today.
Q. About how long do you usually practice? Are you going to practice any longer than that today?
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: The shot she's going to practice today. The putting, she's just going to get the feel for it. She said just a little bit she's going to practice.
Q. What do you think of the leaderboard when you look at the names leading the tournament? What are your thoughts going into Sunday?
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: She notices that there's only one difference between a lot of the players, so she has to really work on not going any lower than where she is at this time.
Q. How do you feel about your chances now? You played the course three times pretty well. How do you feel about your chances going into tomorrow?
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: Tomorrow she will like going into tomorrow's game at her own pace, own game.
Q. Even though you've won here in the United States, do you feel like you're still trying to get more acceptance and recognition? There was Ayako Okamoto and Hiromi Kobayashi.
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: She doesn't know how close that she's gotten to those names that you mentioned, but she would like to get closer to those names.
Q. How would it feel to you to win a major over here? What would it mean?
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: To win here in the United States would really be a big thing for her because of the culture, you know, she needed to get accustom to different culture, different lifestyle, accumulation of all those things. To be able to win despite all those things, it would really be an accomplishment for her, a main accomplishment.
Q. I know you can understand a lot of things that you hear. How is your English? Do you understand more and are a little shy about speaking?
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: She's laughing. My hearing is getting better. She's able to hear different things and understand things. She's very grateful that a lot of players, a lot of people, you know, call her, talk to her. She's very appreciative of that. She would like to try harder to be able to speak better. She thinks her hearing is getting better and she's comfortable with it. She needs to still practice on be able to speak.
Q. How many major Championships have you won at home in Japan?
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: She won many tournaments, but two majors. 14 tournaments.
Q. What color of nail varnish will you wear tomorrow for the last day?
AKIKO FUKUSHIMA: Any suggestions? Good luck color?
Q. Probably red, good last-day color.
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