All Alone At Amen Corner


I'm certainly the envy of my golf friends as most have not had the opportunity to play Augusta National. It is one of the two or three most memorable highlights in my love affair with the game that is almost 50 years old.
We arrived on a Tuesday evening in May, the week prior to the members closing tournament. We were fortunate to be staying in one of the cabins to the left of #10 fairway. We had an hour or so before dinner so I asked our host if it would be OK to wander down to Amen Corner. He said go ahead but to be mindful that there might be a player or two on the course. Walking through the trees to the left of #10 the glow of the evening light was perfect (I had a small camera with me). As I reached the crest of the hill on #11 and could see #11 green, #12 green and #13 tee I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked. I'd been to the Masters several times but never saw it like it was that evening. I spent about 45 minutes wandering from hole to hole before returning to the cabin to dress for dinner. The only person I saw was a single carrying his own bag.
We played 36 holes on Wednesday and 18 holes on Thursday morning never leaving the property. It was wonderful. The three lasting memories were:
I. There is an aura about the place that defies description.
2. The treatment from the staff was perfect. They knew what you wished for before you did.
3. The elevation changes, particularly at #8, #9, #10 and #18 are much more obvious when you're playing than when you're a spectator.
I could go on and on but, as you can tell, it couldn't have been a better trip.
- John
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