Am I Dreaming


I will never forget playing Augusta National. My heart was beating and I was literally wiping perspiration every couple minutes ' not because I was nervous but simply because I was PLAYING AUGUSTA!
The total atmosphere ' the greenness of everything and the immaculate grounds are what I remember most. Strangely, I never felt any disappointment with any golf shot. I simply kept playing with no idea how I was doing. Time seemed to stand still. I felt as if I was literally floating down the fairways. I knew at some point that this round had to end and I really didnt want that to happen. And yet, I couldnt wait to tell all my friends about the sights and smells of Augusta! My only annoyance came near the end, when I was sweating more than ever and there was a constant noise in the background. It wouldnt stop, even though it was a dull beeping it was really starting to get on my nerves. Finally, the source of the noise was identified. I awoke full of sweat and the beeping of my alarm clock calling me to my senses. Reality hit my face like a bladed shot out of the sand. I cursed, rolled out of bed and made my way to the shower. As the bar of soap hit my face, I couldnt help but smile. It was Masters week and I just played at Augusta.
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