Aussie Allan Q-School Champ


Australian Stephen Allan shot a 4-under-par 68 Monday at the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament, give him a six-round total of 32-under 400 and making him the tournament medallist.
Allan's 68 was his sixth round in the 60s. His 32-under was two shots better than Brian Wilson and David Morland IV at 30-under. Fourth was Tour veteran Tommy Tolles with 29-under.
Former Tour players who succeeded were Bart Bryant, 22-under; Sean Murphy, 19-under; Frank Nobilo, 19-under; Keith Clearwater, 15-under; and Dicky Pride, 15-under.
European Tour standout Per-Ulrick Johannson got in with 15-under, which was the cutoff point for the 36 who qualified for the 2001 PGA Tour.
Casey Martin was among those who failed to earn a PGA Tour card but will have a settle for a Buy.Com card, missing by one shot at 14-under. The same is said of former PGA Tour player Ken Green, Donnie Hammond, Brian Watts and Kelly Gibson, all of whom shot 14-unders. Others who earned Buy.Com cards include former Tour players Brian Kamm and Mike Springer, 13-under; Brad Fabel, Barry Cheesman, Scott Gump and Robert Gamez, 12-under; Ronnie Black, 10-under; and former European Tour performers Mathias Gronberg, Stephen Leaney and Frederick Jacobsen.
Nine-under was the cutoff for full Buy.Com exemptions. Earning partial Buy.Com exemptions were Willie Wood and Brian Tennyson, 8-under; Sam Randolph and Jim McGovern, 7-under; Mark Carnavale, 5-under; Lee Rinker, 4-under; Patrick Burke and Omar Uresti, 3-under; Dave Stockton, Jr., and Brett Quigley, 2-under; and Curt Byrum, 4-over.