Australasian Tour Announces New CEO


Andrew Georgiou has been appointed new chief executive officer of the PGA Tour of Australasia.
Georgiou has been the Tour's general manager since April 2001 and has fulfilled the role of acting CEO since September.
'The PGA Tour of Australasia has made tremendous progress while Andrew has been on board,' said Chairman Wayne Grady. 'We think his appointment is another important step in the development of golf in this region and will ensure we maintain our position as one of the leading golf tours on the world stage.
'Andrew's legal background in particular brings a level of professionalism to the operations of the PGA Tour (Australasian). He has already made significant changes to the corporate governance processes of the Tour.'
Maximizing the playing and earning opportunities for Tour members is Georgiou's primary objective.
'There is still a lot of work to be done,' Georgiou said. 'I am confident we have the staff expertise and the board support to achieve the best results for our members.
'This means forging closer relationships with our key stakeholders, including promoters, television networks, sponsors and the international tours. It also means we must continue to cooperate with the other governing bodies in golf, the PGA of Australia and the Australian Golf Union to grow the sport of golf in our local market.'
The Australasian PGA Tour is the representative body of professional tournament golfers and the sanctioning body for professional tournament golf in Australia and New Zealand.
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