Autistic Boy Ruled Ineligible in Tampa


While the Casey Martin case brought groundbreaking rulings to the world of professional golf, a new story is developing in Tampa, Fla. that may shake things up a bit in the amateur realm.
Matthew Ross, a young boy who has won several junior tournaments in the Tampa area, has been ruled ineligible from future tournaments by the Greater Tampa Junior Golf Association.
The reason ' he cant read his scorecard.
Ross is autistic. As a young boy, he was confined to a wheelchair and was unable to speak, but by age three, his health had improved and he began developing a love for golf.
Now, the GTJGA is threatening to end that love, at least in competition.
Under Rule 6-6 (d) in the Rules of Golf, it is stated that once a golfer reaches the age of nine, the competitor is responsible for the correctness of the score recorded for each hole on his card.
While his mother, Susan Ross, has attempted to try to convince the GTJGA to let her son play, the body has apparently remained stalwart on their position.
If we make an exception, we are undermining the integrity of the competition, association president Brian Code told The Tampa Tribune. I have no idea where this would stop. The rules are very, very specific.
They are specific, but not acceptable to Ross mother.
These guys treat it like a business, she told Golf World Magazine. Matthew just wants to play.
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