Baddeley Steaming Over Article


One of Australias top young golfers, Aaron Baddeley and his family have recently become outraged due to a story which has appeared in the media.
Actually, the story wasnt so much the problem ' rather, it was where it was published.
The Baddeleys, who are strong followers of the Assembly of God Church, were incensed over an article appearing in a recent issue of Penthouse.
While the author apparently had told the golfing family that he would sell the piece to Good Weekend, a supplement of the Sydney Morning Herald, it instead ended in the pornography outlet.
The story itself is not the problem, said Baddeleys manager Paul Galli, and we have no problem with journalists doing their job and making a living.
What disgusts me and the family is that this is the kind of publication we would like to see less and less of and we have actually helped their sales because Aaron is so popular. Where the story was placed was outrageous.
Apparently the Australian Broadcasting Co. also has a problem with it, as the organization aired a special report about ethics in journalism following the incident.
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