BC Open Trying to Auction Sponsorship Through Internet


Organizers of Julys B.C. Open are busy doing something that has never been attempted in professional sports ' they are trying to sell the events title sponsorship on the Internet.
Delivering the auction via eBay, Net Tour Strategies ' the B.C. Opens marketing agent ' is offering the rights to a two-year deal at a mininum opening bid of $1.1 million.
The auction officially began Monday at 12am and will last a full ten days.
Apparently, slots in the Pro-Am portion of the tournament have already been auctioned in the same fashion with remarkable success, leading tournament organizers to believe that the same will happen with the actual sponsorship.
In its 27-year history, The B.C. Open has never had a title sponsor. It has instead relied on several sponsors over the years, but that may all change soon.
To the winning bid goes spoils such as worldwide coverage on The Golf Channel, television, print and electronic advertising packages, and VIP boxes.
Some are of the feeling that this could become a wave of the future, but it is all very new and speculative.
Should the auction go through and a sponsor proposed, the PGA Tour will have the last say in the matter as to whether or not they will accept the sponsor.
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