Burk Wants Masters to Cancel if War Rages


If the United States is at war with Iraq, Martha Burk says the Masters should not be played next month.
If the tournament goes on in spite of a war, Burk says she and the National Council of Women's Organizations still plan to protest the all-male membership at Augusta National.
'If they do not cancel the tournament out of deference to our fighting men and women, we will still be there,' Burk told The Washington Post. 'The tone will be different than what it might have been. We don't want to marginalize ourselves while the nation's mind is on the war.
'We need to point out that what they're doing (with an all-male membership) is wrong. We will still have a presence there if they go on with it. But our methods and our message will be slightly different, depending on national events.'
Augusta National spokesman Glenn Greenspan answered that 'planning continues for this year's Masters Tournament, and just like other major sporting events, we will be evaluating the situation as it unfolds. But for Ms. Burk to use the possibility of war as an opportunity to inject herself into the news again is the lowest form of self-promotion.'