Byron Nelson Turns 90


Nelson, ByronByron Nelson, winner of 54 PGA Tour events and a living legend of golf, hit a milestone Monday as the famous Texan turned 90 years old.
Throughout Nelson's career, which began in 1927, his greatest claim to fame occurred in 1945. He won a record 11 straight events on the tour that season and went on to win a total of 18 that year.
He took five major championships over the years. The only major he never won was the British Open.
Nelsons 45 season is considered by many to be one of the top accomplishments in the game, if not sports itself, and the man retired at the peak of his career in 46 to live on a newly-acquired ranch in his home state.
In 1968, Nelsons name was added to a prominent tour event in the Dallas, Tex., area, and it still thrives today as the Verizon Byron Nelson Classic. Later, through the 70s and 80s, Nelson worked as a commentator for ABC, where he developed a reputation as a wonderful analyst.
Starting in 1981, Nelson served as an honorary starter with the late Gene Sarazen and Sam Snead at the Masters Tournament, but hit his final opening tee shot in 2001.
Today, he maintains a multi-million dollar clothing company and a golf school which bears his name.
Through all his success, however, Nelson has remained a humble, quiet man. He has earned the distinction as being one of the games greatest gentleman, as well as one of its greatest champions.
He still lives in Texas, where he and wife Peggy (his first wife, Louise, died of a stroke in 85) continue to travel to selected events and functions around the country. As he has always done, Nelson attends church on a weekly basis.
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