Cadle Takes Medalist Honors at Senior Am


USGAJoe Cadle shot a second-round of 70 at the Norwood Hills Country Club to finish at even-par 142, which was good enough to earn medalist honors in the USGA Senior Amateur Championship.
Cadle, a 60-year-old automobile dealer from Wichita Falls, Tex., leads a field of 63 other senior golfers who will advance into the remaining match play portion of the event.
The cutoff point came with E. Thomas Jung, who made it at 14-over-par 156.
Cadle recently won the Texas State Amateur title, and showed that he was not yet done with his fine play, as he rattled off five birdies to offset two double-bogies on the day.
After his round, he summed up the prevailing feelings of golfers competing in this event.
I cant tell you how much fun it is to play tournament golf at this age, said Cadle, who only started playing competitively at age 55. What else can we do at this age, except maybe go bowling.
Therell be no bowling for the remainder of this week for Cadle if he can help it ' he would like to be around on Thursday, when the championship match commences.
So too would all the advancing golfers, for that matter.
At 2-over 144, Mark Bemonski of Mukwonago, Wis. ended the stroke play portion of the event in outright second behind Cadle. Behind him was Kemp Richardson and Gary Menzel, who each shot 3-over 145 for the two days.
Theyll all be playing Monday, when match play begins.
*The following players advanced into match play at the U.S. Senior Amateur, played at the par-71 Norwood Hills Country Club in St. Louis, Mo.:
Joe Cadle, Wichita Falls, Texas, 72-70--142
Mark Bemowski, Mukwonago, Wis., 71-73--144
Kemp Richardson, Laguna Niguel, Calif., 69-76--145
Gary Menzel, Milwaukee, Wis., 71-74--145
Bill Ploeger, Columbus, Ga., 77-70--147
Robert Kulp, Winston-Salem, N.C., 72-75--147
Vinny Giles III, Richmond, Va., 77-71--148
Joel Hirsch, Chicago, Ill., 73-75--148
Van Salmans, Chicago, Ill., 75-74--149
Chuck Renner, Phoenix, Ariz., 73-76--149
Don Taylor, Bluffton, S.C., 74-75--149
Elston Mitchell, Bloomington, Ill., 76-73--149
Al Everett, Cumming, Ga., 73-76--149
Ron Ramsey, San Diego, Calif., 76-73--149
Bill Heldmar, Tulsa, Okla., 77-73--150
Dick Iverson, Lake Oswego, Ore., 77-73--150
John Esterbrook, Francootown, N.H., 75-75--150
Thomas Miller, Wichita Falls, Texas, 75-75--150
Mike Rice, Houston, Texas, 75-75--150
Earle Smith, Mesa, Ariz., 72-78--150
Dick Van Leuvan, Roswell, Ga., 77-73--150
Marc Delzer, Brookfield, Wis., 72-78--150
Peter Green, Franklin, Mich., 74-76--150
Mike Riley, San Diego, Calif., 73-77--150
Ted Lyford, Redlands, Calif., 77-74--151
Jay Pierson, Shreveport, La., 75-76--151
Mills Rendell, Winnetka, Ill., 77-74--151
J David Carroll, Napa, Calif., 79-72--151
Michael Davis, El Dorado Hills, Calif., 76-75--151
John Lindholm, Grand Blanc, Mich., 73-78--151
Michael Sanger, Hydes, Md., 76-75--151
Joseph D Cantrell, Louisville, Ky., 74-78--152
Clifford Davis, Suisun, Calif., 79-73--152
Alex Antonio, Bentleyville, Ohio, 73-79--152
Cliff Cunningham, Monroe, N.C., 77-75--152
Bill Baloh, Herminie, Pa., 74-78--152
Jack Forbes, Morgantown, W.Va., 76-77--153
Bill Gundersen, Renton, Wash., 76-77--153
Chaney Ferrell, Piscataway, N.J., 76-77--153
Dave Sergeant, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 76-77--153
Richard Blooston, Edina, Minn., 77-76--153
Jim McMurtrey, Fair Oaks, Calif., 75-78--153
Robert Heaton, Antioch, Calif., 78-75--153
William Liberato, Madison, Tenn., 80-73--153
Ronald Brewer, Leawood, Kan., 79-74--153
Don Lucas, Valrico, Fla., 81-73--154
Charles Persinger, Poca, W.Va., 82-72--154
Woody Greene, Columbia, S.C., 79-75--154
Jack Vardaman, Washington, D.C., 74-80--154
Stuart Iliffe, Coral Gables, Fla., 77-77--154
Richard Hanington, Lloyd Harbor, N.Y., 76-79--155
Tom Hadley, Hendersonville, N.C., 79-76--155
Stephen Rose, New York, N.Y., 75-80--155
Allen Sharpe, Monterey, Calif., 75-80--155
James Colman, St Joseph, Mo., 79-77--156
Roger Null, Wentzville, Mo., 76-80--156
Tom Mattox, Humble, Texas, 79-77--156
O Gordon Brewer, Pine Valley, N.J., 76-80--156
Gene Ackerman, Elk Grove, Calif., 80-76--156
Lenwood Ladd, Methuen, Mass., 77-79--156
Gene Parr, Crystal, Minn., 77-79--156
Denny Alexander, Fort Worth, Texas, 78-78--156
Jerry Ellis, Oklahoma City, Okla., 80-76--156
E Thomas Jung, Chicago, Ill., 79-77--156
*Failed to Advance:
Dave Hellman, Mission Viejo, Calif., 80-77--157
Tom Jones, Valley Head, Ala., 76-81--157
Robert Weaver, Memphis, Tenn., 80-77--157
Todd Lusk, Baton Rouge, La., 79-78--157
Bill Predmore, Houston, Texas, 75-82--157
David Watson, Sarasota, Fla., 76-81--157
Alan Bouchard, Falmouth, Maine, 75-82--157
Larry Walsh, Buda, Texas, 75-82--157
Craig Carlisle, Trophy Club, Texas, 78-79--157
Lank Larson, Fargo, N.D., 76-81--157
Jim Bianco, West Des Moines, Iowa, 77-81--158
Phil Saylor, Johnstown, Pa., 82-76--158
James Gillespie, Maryville, Tenn., 74-84--158
Terry Bushman, Omaha, Neb., 77-81--158
Wyn Norwood, Little Rock, Ark., 80-78--158
Bill Morrison, Lake Oswego, Ore., 80-79--159
Marshall Gleason, Foster City, Calif., 76-83--159
Charles McClaskey, Elkton, Md., 83-76--159
Jere Ayers, Spring Island, S.C., 82-77--159
Rusty Napier, Valrico, Fla., 77-82--159
Van Lee Jr, Bastrop, La., 77-82--159
Jamie Frazier, Winnsboro, S.C., 78-82--160
Dick Weigold, Torrington, Conn., 83-77--160
Charles Hill Jr, Shawnee, Okla., 83-77--160
Cobby Ware, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 79-81--160
John Stepinksy, Irwin, Pa., 78-82--160
Bruce Seligman, Albuquerque, N.M., 80-80--160
Mickey Gallagher, Groton, N.Y., 82-78--160
Jack Maher, Marstons Mills, Mass., 83-77--160
Joseph Schmidt, Arlington Heights, Ill., 78-82--160
Art Hull, Mansfield, Texas, 82-78--160
Bill Becker, Arlington Heights, Ill., 80-81--161
David Bennett, Mableton, Ga., 85-76--161
Jack Jordan, Monticello, Ark., 80-81--161
Jim Applegate, Palm City, Fla., 83-78--161
Preston Davis, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., 78-83--161
Frank Sutton, Irving, Texas, 77-84--161
Joseph DeVita, Newburgh, N.Y., 82-80--162
Jeff Belfore, New Albany, Ohio, 78-84--162
Robert Ferrel, Linville, N.C., 81-81--162
Thomas Barnes Jr, Duluth, Ga., 80-82--162
Thomas Mahoney, Long Beach, Calif., 82-80--162
John Glover, Atlanta, Ga., 79-83--162
Michael Hopson, Lufkin, Texas, 78-84--162
Jarrett Kling, Radnor, Pa., 78-84--162
Allen Price, Decatur, Ill., 83-79--162
Paul Evans, Duxbury, Mass., 76-86--162
Peter Smith, Niles, Mich., 84-79--163
Don Leedom, Centerville, Ohio, 80-83--163
Nick Onofrio, Wichita, Kan., 79-84--163
Robert Kolb, St Louis, Mo., 79-84--163
Larry Lang, Sparks, Nev., 84-79--163
Josiah Bartlett, Lincoln, Vt., 78-85--163
Tony Reboton, Fremont, Calif., 82-81--163
Robert Laflen, Houston, Texas, 80-83--163
Jim Kuhn, Middleburg, Fla., 80-83--163
Grant Maples Jr, Golden, Colo., 80-83--163
Gerry Ferguson, Lexington, N.C., 77-86--163
Jesse Scott, Phoenix, Ariz., 81-82--163
Ray Maidment, Saline, Mich., 82-82--164
Roy Renfro, Festus, Mo., 82-82--164
John Partain, Bristol, Tenn., 84-80--164
Robert Lewis Jr, Pepper Pike, Ohio, 82-82--164
Jim Haynie, North Wales, Pa., 81-83--164
Stephen Smith, Mt Pleasant, S.C., 85-79--164
Boyd Johnson, Statesboro, Ga., 81-84--165
Denny Straley, Milford, Ohio, 85-80--165
Jerry Rogers, Decatur, Ill., 81-84--165
Bruce Richards, Bellevue, Wash., 83-82--165
James Kite, Wolftown, Va., 79-86--165
Edward Craig, Orlando, Fla., 82-83--165
Norm Miller, Portola, Calif., 80-85--165
Larry Novinger, Millersburg, Pa., 87-78--165
Don Dodgen, Scottsdale, Ariz., 82-83--165
Michael Kukes, Birmingham, Mich., 83-82--165
Ron Russo, Ocala, Fla., 77-89--166
Robert Metro, Cleveland, Ohio, 83-85--168
Bill Maloy, North Canton, Ohio, 88-80--168
Robert Sanford, Memphis, Tenn., 85-84--169
Edward Carens, Natick, Mass., 84-85--169
Roy Burklow, Ft Worth, Texas, 84-85--169
Barry Potter, Aventura, Fla., 82-87--169
Herb Weber, Tucson, Ariz., 83-87--170
Larry Pate, Lakewood, Colo., 86-84--170
Wayne Schroeder, Chesterfield, Mo., 88-83--171
Richard Sieradzki, Aiea, Hawaii, 84-87--171
Terry Graham Garbett, Suffern, N.Y., 89-83--172
Jim Steck, New Berlin, Wis., 84-89--173
Jim Gary, Lewisville, Texas, 86-87--173
Michael Rosinski, The Woodlands, Texas, 86-95--181
Urquit Morris, Charleston, S.C., 78-WD--WD
H Andy Wall, Tyler, Texas, 78-WD--WD