Chris DiMarco Saturday Masters Press Conference Transcript


CHRIS DIMARCO: Today was fun. It really was. Obviously, definitely, a little nervous on the 1st te. I had a good drive. I hit it right of the green and made a great 2-putt. I played about 15 feet of the break and rolled it up about four feet and made it. Poor drive on 2, made bogey. Came right back with a birdie on 3. Played really solid to 7. Hit it about two feet and made birdie there. Made some really good -- all day made a bunch of 4- and 5-footers with a lot of break, and that was the key to keeping it around par. It is starting to play a little tougher. I just didn't think -- I played the par 5's poorly today. If you play them a couple under like you should, it's 68 and right where I need to be.
Q. I think the assumption would be out on the street that suddenly, in this setting, playing with Tiger, that, you know, the knees would be knocking, the mind is spinning. Tell us what the truth was.
CHRIS DIMARCO: He's great to play with. He really is. He's very cordial. He tells you, obviously, when you hit a good shot, he tells you 'good shot' or 'good putt.' He's very, very good to play with. It was fun. I mean, yeah, of course I was nervous. He's the best player in the world and I never played with him before in the Masters. Sure, I was nervous. I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't.
Q. That shot on No. 2 down in the -- I guess you wanted to visit the azaleas, but it looked like anything could happen and that's the type of shot that could really derail a guy?
CHRIS DIMARCO: That's a lot of trees over there. I could have got a good kick and stayed up. It would have landed in the grass, and if it -- it would have went down there anyways but it could have hit the trees and stayed up, but it kicked down. At that point you've got to take your medicine. I made a good bogey, made a downhill sliding putt.
Q. (Inaudible.) Is it amazing, just as a professional golfer to see a guy record that score and feel like he just plodded his way around the course?
CHRIS DIMARCO: He hits it so far that -- literally, par is 68. The par 5's are just long par 4s for him. I don't know what he hit into 13 and 15, but it could not have been much more than 7-irons. 2 played a little tougher and he made par. But he played solid. He had two or three times today, he hit sand wedge in the holes where I was hitting 7-iron. That's definitely an easier shot out here, hitting sand wedge in. Yeah, he does, that's why he's so good is because he doesn't look like he does anything and he shoots 68.
Q. Mickelson made that last putt to get into that last group tomorrow. For you maybe that is a blessing that you'll be able to make a better move, not being in that last group with Tiger ?
CHRIS DIMARCO: Probably, to be real honest with you, I get to play with Calc, he's a Gator, I'm a Gator, we're going to be calling it together all day. Go out and have fun. Calcavecchia is a free-going guy. He's going to be swinging for the fences. You know, that's -- my goal tomorrow is to be a little bit more aggressive on the par 5's. I tried to play the smart way the par 5s and it got me a little bit today, playing 2-over so I'm going try to be more aggressive tomorrow on the par 5's.
Q. You almost had the putt on 18, but how important was it to go birdie after bogey?
CHRIS DIMARCO: 16 was awesome. I had just hit a really good putt on 15, and I just misread it. I played it straight and it went right on me. I thought it was even-right center and it went right. I hit that 7-iron in there about five feet and to make the putt was just awesome and told me, hey, let's keep going. That's what has been great, really every time I've made a bogey this week, I've come back with a birdie other than 18, today. That putt should have gone in, too.
Q. 12, you were up two shots and then leaving 15, Tiger was two shots up on you. Can you talk about that stretch?
CHRIS DIMARCO: I didn't really pay attention. Like I said yesterday, I was trying to play the golf course. He made two birdies and a made a bogey; it was three shots, I guess. Or he made three birdies. He birdied 13, 14 and 15 and I played them 1-over. That's the difference.