Doyle to Donate Schwab Earnings


Allen Doyle will donate his entire Charles Schwab Cup earnings to charity via the Schwab Fund For Charitable Giving, he said.
The Shwab winner will receive a $1 million tax-deferred annuity with second place $500,000. Doyle, the Senior Tours leading money, is assured of either a first or second-place finish in the Charles Shwab Cup.
Donations from Doyle will go the following:
* Norwich University in Northfield, Vt. (his alma mater);
* Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury, Mass., where he also attended;
* Habitat for Humanity in his hometown of La Grange, Ga.;
* St. Peters Catholic Church, La Grange, Ga.;
* Literacy Volunteers of America, the La Grange, Ga., chapter;
* Ten-year scholarships for children of a policeman or firefighter who was killed in the World Trade Center collapse.
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