Elkingtons Allergies Negated by Drug


Approximately 40 million people in America are troubled by the symptoms of allergies every year. Golfer Steve Elkington is one of those, having missed several tournaments in his career with itchy nose, sneezing, runny eyes and headaches.
Ever since Ive come to America (in 1982), Ive suffered allergies, Australian Steve Elkington told the Golf Channel Tuesday. Its well-documented that Ive had problems my whole career.
Things have gotten better for me the last few years. Its always a topic of conversation of, How are you feeling? But Ive never felt better about my allergies, particularly now that Ive moved into endorsing this product Allegra.
Really, the hardest thing for me, being on the tour, some of the symptoms I would get are no different from anyone else ' I just couldnt concentrate, I couldnt play golf as precisely as I would like. And it would force me off the tour with different ailments. Augusta, for example, is covered with green pollen and it makes me want to run for cover. I have rebounded very nicely with Allegra.
Allegra is a product that is available by prescription only.
The galleries kick up an enormous amount of dust and pollen, and Im one of those people, not unlike a lot of Americans, who suffer from allergies, said Elkington.
Elkington said he tried the drug for the first time during the 1997 Presidents Cup. He was impressed by the short time it took to bring relief, and has been taking it ever since.