Ex-Caddie Charged With Stalking McGann


Patrick Hallett, a former caddie for Michelle McGann, was released on bond Wednesday following charges of stalking the seven-time LPGA Tour winner.
McGann, MichelleHallett, 43, was issued a restraining order to stay outside of 500 yards from McGann at all times following a string of bizarre behavioral patterns over recent times.
The California-based man first caddied for McGann in a 1989 event on the West Coast, but has since sent his one-time employer some 30 packages over the last six years. The packages included everything from love letters to wedding plans to golfing photographs of McGann.
A stalking report was made to local police on Dec. 13 after the golfer received three packages in one day, but when Hallett called McGanns father, James McGann, and informed him he was traveling to Florida to visit his daughter, the line was drawn.
Upon arrival, he was detained, charged and issued the restraining order, yet deemed to be no direct threat by investigators.
According to Halletts family, the former caddie has been diagnosed as a manic-depressive who doesnt take his medication regularly.
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