Faldo Parnevik Unsure of Ryder Cup Status


Jesper Parnevik_HSWhile many are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Ryder Cup, Europeans Jesper Parnevik and Nick Faldo arent so enthused.
The duo believes their chances to play may not be so good this year.
Ive been talking to Jesper this week and we have both agreed that weve been lucky in the past and we dont think we will be this time, stated Faldo from Southern Hills, site of this weeks U.S. Open.
Faldos fears are based off of the current selection process for the European side. As has been the case for years, it is derived from performance in European Tour events, major championships and WGC events.
Nowhere does it reward world-ranking, however. And neither does it reward performances on other tours, such as the American PGA Tour.
Ive been saying it for a long time that theres a lot of players going to the States now, Faldo said, and the system has got to reflect that.
But it doesnt.
And from all accounts, it will not anytime in the near future.
The tours Tournament Committee issued a proposal last year attempting to allow for world ranking and two-year qualifying (as opposed to one), but the Ryder Cup Committee turned it down.
And so, Captain Sam Torrances squad will consist of the traditional top ten performers and two wild card selections.
Yet, with the Ryder Cup just three months away, such heavy-hitters as Faldo, Parnevik, Colin Montgomerie, Sergio Garcia and Bernhard Langer are all outside the top-10 list.
Only 14 events remain before the date.
Jesper and I can see it coming down to Sam having to pick two out of five, warned Faldo.
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