Ford Wont Play Masters This Year


The longest Masters run of all-time has ended. Doug Ford says he won't be at the Masters for No. 50. His number of Masters played ended last year at No. 49.
The 49 includes 46 in a row. That is only one less than the record of 47 in succession owned by Arnold Palmer.
Ford, who is now a Lake Worth, Fla., club pro, is quitting because of difficulties in walking the course. 'The hills have gotten too high, and it's a tough walk for an old guy like me,' the 79-year-old told the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post.
Ford denied that the Augusta National makeover this year in which the course was lengthened made the difference. 'That hasn't influenced me at all,' he said.
He won the tournament in 1957, but Ford hasn't made the cut since 1971. The last few years he frequently only played nine holes. Last year, he played the first hole, made double-bogey, and quit.
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