Gary Player Turns 70 Years Old


Hes one of only five men to win the career Grand Slam, hes won nine major championships, nine senior majors, more than 160 tournaments worldwide; he has been a professional golfer for more than 50 years, designed more than 200 golf courses worldwide, traveled more than any other athlete, and is renowned for his legendary health-conscious lifestyle and passion for fitness.
Gary Player
Gary Player is still going strong as he enters his 70s.
And now, on Nov. 1, Gary Player turns 70 years of age!
Still an active member of the Champions Tour, Player has equaled or bettered his age several times during professional tournaments in 2005. In fact, he celebrates his 20th year on that tour this month, having joined the senior circuit just 21 days after turning 50 in 1985. He promptly won his debut tournament, becoming just the fifth person to achieve that feat.
Turning 70 just means that its one stroke easier to beat my age, said Player with a smile.
Players life of globe-trotting has been about spreading the goodwill of golf, earning him the title of golfs International Ambassador. When Arnold Palmer was making the game popular in the United States, it was Player, one of the legendary Big Three with Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, who was popularizing the game in far-flung places around the world.
When you think about it, between Arnold, Jack and myself, that time does make people forget, Player said recently.
But counting the Champions Tour and the regular tour, we went far off winning 60 major championships so we were at each other's throat and everybody knew, we didn't hide it. We were the best of friends and we loved each other a great deal, but we would tell each other, We want to beat you like a drum. And today it still exists. Can you believe at our age, it still exists.
Speak to Player about retirement and he will insist that there is just no time. He does, however, cherish the time spent with his family, his wife of nearly 50 years ' Vivienne - his six children and his 14 grandchildren.
And then there is his beloved farm in the desert area of central South Africa, where he breeds thoroughbred racehorses. But, he is still committed to tournament play, his design company, his sponsors corporate outings and his charitable work, which does substantial good for needy children around the world.
You know, I've been very blessed, and I think that the harder you work, the luckier you get, he said. And having worked on my body since I was nine years of age, - 60 years of doing it, and I still do it very enthusiastically, it's kept me from and prevented me from having injuries. But I might also be a little fortunate.
You see, we have today, it's a different world we live in. I mean, when I was a young man, I used to go to the YMCA to do my training and you'd have to wait for 20 minutes to get to use the apparatus. Now we are so spoiled. We have a gymnasium that travels around with us every week, with physiotherapists and so now these fellows now are training so hard, they watch what they eat. And so really when a man is 50 today, you can really say he's equivalent to 40.