Golfcom Trading Hands Again


According to GolfWeek Magazine and court officials, ' the once reputable and highly trafficked golf web site ' was acquired by Comdisco, Inc. on June 18.
Comdisco ' a global technology service company ' replaces Quokka Sports Inc., who purchased the web site in June of 2000, but filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter in late April of this year.
This latest acquisition was made in an auction in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of California, and while details and the specific amount of the purchase remains undisclosed, some indications show that Comdisco may not be on stable ground itself.
In a June report in the Chicago Daily Herald, the company was allegedly considering filing for protection from creditors under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
GolfWeek reports, however, that Comdisco has disclaimed those reports, even despite the facts that they have posted losses of $54 million in the second quarter this year compared with earnings of $43 million in 2000.
While full details of the situation remain sketchy, the Comdisco/ purchase will not be completely formalized until the court approves the transaction at an unspecified date.
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