Harmon Critical of Young Baddeley


Butch Harmon, coach of World No. 1 Tiger Woods, made a statement of criticism towards young Australian golfer Aaron Baddeley in Sunday's Herald Sun, a daily newspaper based in Melbourne.
Harmon incited comparison between Baddeley and another young Australian prospect Adam Scott. Scott, 20, is also a pupil of Harmon's, and recently made headlines when he won his first professional event at the Alfred Dunhill Championship.
Harmon was quoted as saying on Sunday, 'Adam tends to let his clubs do the talking but Aaron lets his mouth do too much-and you can quote me on that, it's for his own good.'
His words came as upsetting to Baddeley, who at 19, has already won two Australian Opens in back-to-back years.
'I presume he (Harmon) is talking about me coming into golf tournaments and saying I want to win,' Baddeley responded to the Australian Associated Press upon hearing the news.
'Well, what does Tiger do?' he went on to say. 'Tiger says the same kind of things and I don't see Butch telling him to say, `I'm not going to win.''
The plot thickened on Monday, when another Australian golfer recently joined the mix upon hearing the remarks of both men. Two-time major champion Greg Norman came to Baddeley's defense, commenting that ego and a bit of arrogance are necessary ingredients for success.
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