Hometown Boy


Sometimes, certain golfers and certain tournaments just seem to go together.
Take Tom Watson and the Open Championship or perhaps Jack Nicklaus at Augusta or Loren Roberts in the GMO.
It happens ' a guy or gal just takes a certain liking to a course. They shoot a couple good rounds upon its lands, win a few bucks, and then it just kind of spirals from there.
It could be the same way YOU feel about one of your favorite tracks. Of course, you dont win any money when you do well.
Nevertheless, it happens all the time. Who knows where it stems from? They talk about holes fitting your eye, but just the same, it might be related to some other sort of phenomenon ' like the comfort level you might find in the way the trees blow in the wind, etc, etc
In any case, something clicks that puts the golfer in that rare sort of mood that allows for one to play the game well.
Like D.A. Weibring at this weeks John Deere Classic.
Of course, John Deere doesnt necessarily mean anything to D.A. And neither does the TPC at Deere Run, which is in its second year as the venues home.
You see, it was called the Ed McMahon-Jacees Quad City Open when he won it for the first time in 1979.
Then it was called the Hardees Golf Classic when he championed at its gates in 1991.
And finally, it was back to the Quad City Classic (without the Ed McMahon part) in 1995 when he took it for a record third time.
About the only thing consistent with all these victories was that it was played at the Oakwood Country Club in Coal Valley, Ill. every time.
Weibring, being born in the sleepy little town of Quincy, Ill. and graduating from Illinois State University, proved to be a natural fit.
In addition to his three wins at the event, Weibring also made the first cut of his PGA Tour career at Oakwood back in his rookie year of 1977. He finished in a tie for 39th on that occasion and took home a check officially valued at $550.50.
In between, D.A. has chalked up four additional top-5s over the years.
Unbelievable numbers, because remember, this is not Tiger Woods were talking about here. This is D.A. Weibring.
No disrespect, hes one fine golfer, but outside this particular tournament, hes only won two other times on the PGA Tour.
But therein possibly lies the key to unlocking D.A. Weibring. Could you guess where one of those other two wins came??
In Illinois, of course, at Cog Hill in the 87 Beatrice Western Open.